Stale Relationship??

I’m curious if any of the t-men have any good ways to revive a stale relationship. My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years and plan on getting married. We both still love each other very much, but lately the relationship has seemed stale. If anybody has some original ideas on how to add fun back into a relationship I’d greatly appreciate the input.Thanks!

Not sure about the pronounciation, but I think it’s…menage a trois?

Well if its stale now, you are in for a long hard ride my friend.

Smack her with a rainbow trout. works every time!
sorry, im in a goofy mood. But that may just be the key to the staleness… HAVE FUN! go to a park and play frisbee, play miniature golf, gocarts, gootball, silly little kid stuff. Just cuz your not ten doesnt mean you cant have fun like you are!

Two words bro: Rough Anal

Try these out. Dirty Sanchez, Breathing Dragon, Bucking Bronco, The Pirate, Greasy Weasel, Houdini, and the Danza Slap.

a rainbow trout? honey, i think a dick would work better? come on…

The Danza Slap? I’ve never heard of that one before, please describe in detail. Also, good call on the dirty sanchez, nothing restores the magic in a stale relationship like shit-stache.

slappin her with the dick is an everyday, hell- every chance I get thing. I figured switching it up would knock the dust of her…

Danza slap is when you slap your cock on a woman’s face. I do not know how the hell it got its name, but I think of Tony Danza doing it whenever I hear it (not a pretty picture). Do you guys know what the breathing dragon is? For those of you who don’t know, it’s when a girl is going down on you, and right when you’re about to cum, you push her head down so cum will be dripping out her nose. The Houdini is when you’re doing your girl doggy style and you spit on her back. That way she thinks you dropped your load. Then, when she turns around, you actually blow your load on her face. The bucking bronco is when you are doing it doggystyle, and you say someone elses name as you are moaning. She, being very disghusted at that will try to pull away. As she pulls away, you pull her right back in. The Pirate is when you squirt your jizz right in her eye and she goes ARRRRR! The greasy weasel is when you are on a date at the movies, and she helps herself to some popcorn. As she reaches down the bucket, she grabs onto something long, stiff, and smeared with butter. You know what it is.

Try psychological abuse to spice things up.

Actually I may have erred in a prior thread. You two may be made for each other. Happy Trails. Avoids Roids The Matchmaker

Reeshdawg, wasn’t their a film where some guy tried the popcorn trick with his girlfriend? Can’t remember the name.

LOL! Good one Avoids Roids. How about that Lia? You want to play with the Dogg? :wink:

Nate honey you just won’t quit. You can do better than that… try trout! Da Man, have you tried the trout yet? Do ya wanna?

To seriously reply to your plight: Usually relationships go stale because you have both stopped doing the things that attracted you to each other, and have fallen into your own routines. Try doing the things you did when you first got together. Dates. Court her. A little mystery. Goes a long way.

What’s wrong Lia? Can’t keep up with the Dogg? :wink: Yeah, Brider is right. Listen to him. It’s the same advice I’d give you. I’ve done many things to “spice” up a stale relationship. It’s not as hard as you think! Just do new things, romantic things, and mystery is fun. I’ve taken a girlfriend out to dinner once, and acted like it was the first time we had met. She got quite excited about the whole situation, as did I. It made for a fun night and some new spice to the relationship.

Man I gonna give you some advice you already know. The key to putting some GUSTO into the relationship is, BE A DAMN GOOD LISTNER and no matter how much it kills ya do some of the things that are fun to her. Yes, they are truly emotional beings and we are truly physical and to make a relationship work it’s going to require that you make the first move.
Have you seen the movie “What women want” starring Mel Gibson? If not, rent it, if you did see it again with an open mind…

Good Luck…

i remember hearing in a movie once, when you are in a relationship and it’s getting boring, but you love the person, get married. Once you’re married and it gets boring, have children. Then you’ll never be bored again.

Nathan, the movie you’re thinking of is Diner.