Sostenon 250 from Organon

well I’m shooting this stuff in my delts (shot deca in delts because is good to uper body injuries and so I ended up with sos in delts) and hurts like a Mother F#*&@%. Someone told me it is not supposed to hurt but I don’t know doodoo! Very good gains though for a beginer…4 lbs on the first hit. so…anythng I do wrong please guide me all you pro-like out there. tnx

Yo Bro! I would not recommend putting 250 in your delts. It is kinda painful(like a dull pain) and should be injected in your glutes or quads. Be advised though that it definately is more painful in the quads. You need to be using a 1" to 1 1/2" dart 22 ga. preferably. Also don’t inj. it too fast as this alaso causes soreness/pain. Good idea to massage the area after inj. to dissapate the “liquid gold”.