Soft Coolers

Hey, guys. Any thoughts, recommendations or experience with those “soft” food storage coolers? (They look the size and shape of large gym bags). They also look pretty convenient. Just getting tired of crowded, nasty refrigerators at work!

They are ok. I used to use one quite a bit and had no problems. I ended up just not mixing my shakes until at work because I got tired of all the ice and such though.

Before my job morphed from traveling mfrs rep to internet sales, I used one to store my meals. They work great. Mine has a main rectangular compartment, a separate inslulated storage area in the lid, pockets on the outside, and a carrying strap. I used the main compartment for main dish, thermos, lid for fresh veggies, etc. and put ripped fuel, etc in one of the side pockets. And because it was soft, I could stash it under the seat when it was empty.

HUCK! That sounds like the thing I’m looking for! Two questions:

1)What’s the Brand/Model?
2)I take it by your description that these things are sort of “hot/cold” types of devices?

Mine is an Igloo. Their are a lot of different configurations in terms of pocket sizes, number of chambers, etc. they have some at Wal-Mart (my least favorite store on the planet), but you would do better at camping specialty outlet. If you go to google and type in “soft side coolers” you will get a lot of links. Good Luck!

In order to narrow everyone’s search, it seems like three companies consistently pop-up:

1)California Innovations 2)Igloo and 3)Artic Zone.

California Innovations and Igloo have great websites that describe their products. Artic Zone appeared to be spread out over numerous retailers. It was difficult to find one place that described all their products.

Again…thanks huck! I think a great product can be found among these three. Maybe “Testosterone” could do a “Things we Like” on one of these coolers.