Sodium and Water Retention

Bill Roberts, I read your post on sodium intake. How much does sodium intake realistically affect water retention and, therefore, how you look. Assume that water intake is adequate (at least 100 oz. per day).

OK, I don’t want to talk about the contest prep issue, because that is different and is not my specialty. But so far as ongoing daily life goes, to my belief it’s change in sodium intake that affects water retention for most people, not sodium intake per se.

In other words, those Japanese fishermen that consume 35 grams per day aren’t bloated, and those rain forest dwellers that consume 750 mg per day aren’t unusually dry looking.

There is a relevance to your distribution of sodium intake during the day, though this really is the same thing as how much change there is in intake. If sodium intake is low most of the day, and then you have a salty meal, for some people this will cause noticeable bloat for a while.