Sleeping Poorly on Test E

Hey all!

I’m currently on my first cycle of Test E, pinning 500mg a week (250mg twice a week). I’m in my fifth week and I’ve noticed the past maybe 3 nights I’ve been getting poor quality sleep!

I go to sleep fine but then wake up wide awake every few hours?

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? If it’s a possible side effect? and what they did to help? I’m thinking maybe some ZMA!

Thanks heaps!

Not a helpful answer here, but I’m also on my first cycle, just Test E 250mg 2x/wk and sleeping like garbage pretty consistently. I’m 7 weeks in, pinning Monday mornings and Thursday nights, and the timing doesn’t seem to matter. Pretty much roll around all night every night. Gains are pretty good so far, so definitely worth it.

Haha welcome to the cycle life mate! :slight_smile:

When abouts did the bad sleep start for you?

Somewhere around the second or third week. I had horrible PIP at first as I got used to MCT oil so I was attributing the restlessness to that. The PIP has gotten much better, almost painless now but unfortunately the sleep has not improved.

As a side note, I’m very calculated with my macros and meal times, and currently my last 2 meals are zero carb because I’m trying to cut body fat. I do fasted cardio first thing in the morning. So I do go to bed pretty hungry every night and that may be part of what keeps me from sleeping well. I’ve thought about taking psyllium fiber right before bed to try and feel fuller and see if that helps.

Okay, this is really strange. I’m into 7th week of my Test Cyp cycle. Pinning 500mg a week. I sleep like a baby. Infact I take afternoon naps and still able to sleep pretty well at night. Maybe people react differently to Test?

Totally normal from what I have gathered. Both Test E 500 cycles I have ran, my sleep struggles. I snore more because of the growth, body is tough to get comfortable, and I too fall asleep fine, but then toss and turn the rest of the night.

ZMA has helped a bit, but melatonin really did it for me. I have these little 5mg ones, and just one puts me out for 6-8 hours usually.

Yeah I mean you can read countless posts from the more experienced guys about how individual this stuff can be, and maybe this is just one of those things. On the bright side, it seems no matter how little I sleep I’m never really tired or sluggish. Two nights ago I slept about three hours and woke up wide awake so I did a couple loads of laundry and watched a movie, then went back to bed for a couple more hours and then got up to go to the gym before work. So if nothing else, it seems my energy level is way up despite the decrease in sleep.

I agree with this, been traveling, working my a** off, hitting the gym, still not feeling tired easily. And about Test acting up differently on people, I’ve read several posts about it too. I guess there shouldn’t be anything to worry until and unless you’re making those gains and feeling great.

I personally feel that sleep plays a vital role in building muscle or loosing fat. Cz that’s when our GH kicks in? And all the shady stuff happens when you’re in that deep sleep :smile:

Casein protein in milk will set up like a custard and keep you feeling full all night and keep your nitrogen levels consistent while you’re sleeping.

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I always found that Test E alone is fine for sleeping, strange…could be ‘psychosomatic’ though as you ‘know’ your on? No caffeine after lunchtime for me or pre-workout past 5pm. Eating a meal before bed can keep you up as your body is working. Routine aswell is key for me! Same time in bed, no tv, bash one out and sleep :grimacing:

Awesome tip, I’ll try that thanks.


My sleep quality on high dose testosterone is complete crap and I sweat like a pig.

But I can run 500+mg of tren a week and sleep like a baby as long as my testosterone dose is low.

It truly is case by case and finding out what drugs and combinations work best for you and your body


Haven’t seen you update your tren thread lately…

Waiting a few more days to let the anavar I added really soak in there will be an update by the weekend:)

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Here’s what has helped me tremendously. I was waking up at least 3 times a night and many times having trouble getting back to sleep. It was affecting every aspect of my life negatively.

Right before bed:
400 MG magnesium glycinate
500 MG tryptophan
2.5 MG melatonin

I use bulk supplements powder magnesium & powder tryptophan and use Natrol fast dissolve 5mg melatonin tablets (break in half) and crumble it under my tongue and let it dissolve there for a couple mins.

This combo has been life changing for me. (The 400 MG magnesium glycinate was recommended to me by physiolojik)

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Last night I did sleep suprisingly ok, I think it’s more a case of it being to the individual and just seeing how it effects us :slight_smile:

Pretty sure that lastnight I snored (I don’t normally snore) so loud I woke myself up at one point hahah

That stack sounds great! I’ll give it more of a read and look into that :slight_smile:


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Im on week 5 of 500mg wk test-c and was just commenting that I slept well for the last 2 night. I have had garbage sleep in 1.5h cycles for 25 years. I got 9 hours last night which is almost twice my normal. I am working out really hard but perhaps Im stealing your sleep.

I will agree with this bedtime mix but when I really need sleep when cycling I have found nothing beats Nyquil (sp?) cold medician. It just works and the pain reliever really helps with the pains from overdoing it at the gym.


ZMA will really help but before going to bed try this
1 glass milk + add some saffron + add 1 tbl spoon ghee + add some cardamon
With in a week u will be back on track. Trust me it’s try and tested.