Sleeping Poorly on Test E

You guys and your clever sleep tricks crack me up. Call me old fashioned, but the best cure for a sleepless night is a can-do attitude and Halcyon. I’m in Merica and around here we fix things with drugs, goddammit, none of this hippie dream catcher and warm milk bullshit. :eagle::eagle::eagle:


Whatever happened to “nature’s night time sleep aid” aka fapping, aka beating your meat, aka choking the bishop, aka spanking the monkey, aka mary palm and her five sisters …?


Lmao. I used to actually take a quarter milligram of this before bed. I would usually wake up in different parts of my house with food around me


My fiancée has nicknamed me Amnesia Man and knows that any conversation we have 12 minutes after I’ve taken the Halcyon will be unrecorded by my brain. It’s wild.

I looked this stuff up but didn’t really find anything. What is it? and is it legal, not that that matters

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Look up triazolam.

Its a benzo but it’s main purpose it to knock you out. I believe it was taken off the market at one point due to people waking up and driving while on it lol but was put back on.

Its not often prescribed. My doctor tried a million other things first. I ultimately had to stop taking it because I was worried I would do some crazy shit in the middle of the night after I woke up in my backyard with the grill burning.



I took Ambien but it didnt do anything like that

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Ambien only made me do odd shit when I would wash it down with a few shots of liquor. Halcion on the other hand had me living a separate life while asleep lol

Some people take it with no issues tho.

Another crazy sleep drug I took was sonata. It’s like ambien it’s a “z drug” but it literally knocks you out and can cause some serious euphoria.

I take 0.1 mg of clonodine now for sleep and can avoid all side effects except dry mouth

get some pussy right before bed…your going to sleep with a loaded weapon fool…these damn teenagers on her kill me…


You might try some of the GH releasing peptides. The extra GH at night helped me sleep

I’m planning a hgh course to start in aug/sep I’m really intrested to see the sleep benefits it offers.

I still have some more research to do on it before I start. Im mostly researching the effects it has on my natural GH pulse. I’m still kinda young (29) so I want to avoid any long term negative impacts on my natural levels because I’m not prepared to run GH for the rest of my life. But I would like to cycle it yearly if that’s possible without messing up natural levels.

Seems there isn’t much research out about this. I see a lot of bro science stuff like take the weekends off this allows for a sort of “pct” for natural GH secretion. Then I see people who say that it makes no difference.

Do you use an AI cus some people crash their estrogen that’s why their available to sleep or take naps I had that some problem when I started using AI

Off test, I sleep like trash, always tired.
So far what I have tested 300mg - I sleep like baby + dont need many hours to feel rested.
100mg - decent, but not as good as 300mg
50mg - decent, but poorer than 100mg.
Have not tested in the between.
Altough with 100mg my testostorone is 40-51 nmol ( above normal high ), i still feel better on more. Probably 150-200mg

That is fucking hilarious! :rofl: