Sleep Remedies on Juice?

Dptfit ain’t that the truth. I’m a critical care nurse. Working 4 days a week sitting around waiting for some one to go bad any moment. Being charge nurse doubles the stress.

Beer used to jack up my sleep. No I find my self relaxed and sleeping better with 2 iPa s. Since I can’t hit the gym for 3-4 days in a row

I have a lot of respect for people who work in the hospital but I don’t envy you. I used to do 16 hour shifts at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles back to back. I’m so over that! Thankfully I persevered in education and started health care business. But all that aside. There are times that you simply just cannot shut your brain off subconsciously that causes you to wake up. I listed in ingredient above that is the sleep aid you find a NyQuil. D succinate. I’m telling you that stuff is not had it for me and is definitely a heavy hitter you will sleep very well. It’s a little hard to find but you can find it as a stand-alone drug over the counter. If you don’t mind the antihistamine or Tylenol aspects of Nyquil then definitely take NyQuil but the stand-alone drug is actually in a higher dosage for the use of sleep aid. You can pick it up and most pharmacies without a prescription. Best of luck guys

@rabbit91476 Crazy isn’t it? I feel like I’ve aged 10 years in 8 months. If it wasn’t for these extra supplements I’d be a gooey mess for sure. Red wine can help me fall asleep but too much and I’m back awake within hours. I picked up valerian root yesterday on my way home. Didn’t put me to sleep faster but I will say I woke up a few times less. I’ll try again tonight.

This is terrible advice. 50mg diphenhydramine is PLENTY and will leave you groggy even after 8-9 hrs of sleep. You recommending to take another 75mg at 2am is just crazy and dangerous. Do NOT listen to this.