Site Infection?

I recently did a cycle of Winstrol Depot and Finaplix. I got great results but on my last injection (of Winny), I got alot more sore than usual. Now, 5 days later, I am still really sore (although less than two days ago). There is a strip about 4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide that is noticeably swollen. I also got a cold three days ago but I think this might be a coincidence. It may be slightly warmer than the rest of my body, although I am not 100% sure - it might be b/c I am paranoid. Is this an internal infection? I used 1/2 inch insulin needles and there is no pin mark on my leg. I can’t even tell where the needle went in, except near the swollen area. Should I see a doctor or could this just be b/c I injected too fast an damaged the muscle?

If you think it feels warm, it is. It’s the inflammatory response of an infection. Go get it checked out, you’ll probably need some antibiotics.

Get that checked out. I had a buddy who had an infection and it started out with the same symtoms. He had a red swollen strip running down his leg. He had what he thought was a cold at first then the docs thought he had mono or strep throught (can’t remember which one). Eventually his leg had long red streeks running through it and he went to the hospitol and fessed up. I don’t remember exactly what the docs said would have happened if he had waited any longer but it scared the shit out of my buddy so much that he hasn’t touched a steroid since. One other thing, the docs cut the infection out without using any pain killer. They said something about the infection being too deep at that point. Apparently it hurt like a mother fucker. Just be safe and get it checked out now. Don’t lie about what you were shooting either, they’ll know. Good Luck.

You should have really been using a bigger pin than a 1/2inch.

Thanks guys. I just got back from the Dr. and he was pretty sure it wasn’t an infection, but he gave me some antibiotics just in case. As for using the 1/2 inch pins, I was a little scared of poking myself daily with a needle so I went with the smallest ones I could find (plus, Bill R. said they would be fine as long as you were lean and I am around 7% body fat). Ironically, it wasn’t bad at all - actually looked forward to the daily injection. Also, the girlfriend would drop my ass if she knew about my usage so I had to make sure there wouldn’t be any noticeable marks or scar tissue after the frequent injections. Now that I have done my first cycle, I will probably use the one inch pins next time.