Single, Young and Going on a Trip, Help me Decide Where

Where would you go?

Cost is mostly non issue within reason……

I’ve hardly travelled anywhere. Planning for June, maybe about 10 days. Strongly considering Bali, New Zealand, Argentina, Costa Rica, honestly the entire world lol.

I just want to go somewhere cool where I can swim chill and eat really good food, not just going to party but always down for drinks with strange woman.

Seriously help me I can’t decide for me life of me.

Hey bro, I really want to go to college but, like, I dunno what degree I should go for.

Can you give any pointers?


Bali. It was life changing.


Hey Bro…i am about to retire…where should i go???

Shanghai or hainan

You guys are dicks :joy:

Get a job and you’ll travel every day.

Lmao. Buddy I fly all over the country for work and I’m on 4 or 5 planes a month every month. Not really a brag to me flying domestic to go to work I’m looking at some foreign travel for recreation.

Matter of fact I’m off to catch a plane this am

A lot of this depends on what you like or want. I’ve been a lot of places, and they all have merit. If you haven’t traveled abroad before, I think Barcelona and the surrounding areas are a great trip for first-timers to get their feet wet. I think it’s a really cool city; it’s easy to navigate and you can get by pretty easily if you don’t speak the language. Same goes for Paris, except maybe the “easy to navigate” part.
If you like more outdoorsy type things, you can’t beat Scotland (which also has cool cities). The weather kind of sucks, though. The Highlands and the Isle of Skye are awesome and full of castles.
Sicily is also really cool, especially if you love historical stuff and cool old architecture from all of the different empires that have ruled the island over the years.
I haven’t been to any of the places you listed. I was right on the border of Argentina when I was in southern Chile, but never crossed over. Southern Chile is also very cool if you like the outdoors stuff.

You’re a stewardess?

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There are around 200 countries give or take, depending on one’s definition of statehood.

You have to narrow it down - do you want:

  • a run-of-the mill “American on his first foreign trip” aka “OMG why are all of the cars here so small”

  • to see some breathtaking natural sights

  • to bang a STD infested ladyboy in Bangkok

  • etc…

I know you’ve been around but now I’m sure you have stories you’re keeping close to the chest :laughing:

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Honestly, I’d prefer if the OP was upfront about getting laid.

Yes, the ideal scenario would be where the OP goes to a touristy-yet-safe place full of natural and historical wonders and then hooks up with the local-yet-slightly-exotic hot girl who out of millions of tourists that frequent her country each year chooses him for no strings attached Tinder banging.

However, that’s probably not gonna happen so the OP should be more specific.

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The only place I have been on your list is New Zealand. While it is breathtakingly beautiful, the food is awful.

If you want great food and architecture - Italy
Great food and amazing mountains - Switzerland and Austria

I also second this. Tons of nightlife, street performers, walkable, and great food.

Where do you live?

Swim and chill? Cost no issue to get to? Australia in December/January

Hot Amish chicks with sturdy shoulders and ankles.


Have you ever been to Greece? I visited Athens and Mykonos and loved it. Mount Poseidon and the Parthenon were some amazing sights.


Jamaica. Went there for the third time over Christmas. Good food, chill vibe and serene ocean, and good drinks.