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Well that was as a surprise. Can’t believe my log has hit 10,000. Must go to show home much I talk, even online.

So here is part 2. It will be just like part 1 . So if you want to follow some consistent hard work, the occasional food pic or recipe, bad dad jokes, frequent double entendres and the occasional chat about programming and training. Then follow along and don’t be a lurker.


Well that’s a blast! I’m new but interesting to scroll back to the top of Part 1 and see how far you’ve come! Killing it.


I wasn’t sure how todays training was going to go. I had to go into hospital on Thursday for a day procedure that meant a general anaesthetic. Felt pretty crap most of the day after that. But slept ok and by Friday lunch time it was time to get to work.

Friday 19th May - week 5

Pause tempo squat (really focused on staying tight and opening the hips) no sleeves
Bar x 10
60 x 5
80 x 3
100 x 1
110 x 3 x 3 sets (242 lbs) - RPE 8, 8, 8
Right leg grumpy quad and hip but still OK. Happy with the slower squat right now.

Bench press -
Bar x 10
60 x 5
80 x 3
100 x 2 (220 lbs)

110 x 4 (242 lbs) - RPE 10
110 x 2 RPE 8
110 x 2 RPE 9
110 x 2 RPE 9

Should have been 4 sets of 4 but based on the speed of the first set I dropped to doubles. Didn’t want to grind any reps. Still really happy. This is the first heavy bench for a few months and it was alright.

Pull ups - thick bar
3 sets
9 9 9
Really really really happy to get three sets of 9.

Dumbell curls (alternating)
20 x 12 x 3 sets
Big a pump again, nice.

This ended up being a really Good Friday session. Bench was solid especially given the lack of bench I did preparing for the strongman comp. Squats were great, pull ups were really good and curls made me feel like a bodybuilder. Winning all round.


And here’s what it looked like


Pretty awesome to have kept a log going this long, I’ve only ever seen one or two go over the 10,000 post limit.


Maybe it just says I talk too much :joy:


He should go.back to the pages lol

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Does anyone even post there anymore

Strongman Saturday conditioning session today:

Used my 80kg sand bag and my 62kg sandbag.

Session was 1 x pick and squat with the 80kg, then 1 x pick and shoulder the 62kg and then 5 burpees.

Did this for 10 rounds in 20 mins. Solid session.


Congrats on the new log man. That’s a whole lot of workouts to fill the last one

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Filling up your training log is certainly a box checked on the requirement sheet for an official Legend status. Well done


Thanks @kleinhound I can’t believe it has been six years of consistent training and logging. That time has gone really quick.

@Koestrizer I am not sure I am legendary but it did make me smile to think I had logged that many sessions and had that much talk about training and life with my training brethren. They say you need to do 10,000 hours or 10,000 reps to be good at something, so I guess that makes me good at being a part of this great community.


Beautifully said, mate.

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I’m sure the posters that we look back on as legendary probably never thought they were either. You’ve earned the respect of your peers, predecessor and newbies through consistent hard work and sound advice.

We appreciate you


Decided to have an end of block recovery breakfast today that I know @T3hPwnisher would like.

3 eggs and half lbs of bacon washed down with half a litre of full cream high protein milk. This stuff is great, it is so creamy it has the same texture as single cream. And at 6g of protein per 100ml who even needs protein powder


Is there anything more satisfying than cutting open a perfect avocado


Yeah I really like that higher protein milk mate. It’s nice stuff. Wife tells me “it’s so expensive”. But it’s a decent amount of calories per dollar…these women.

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Sunday was a lazy family day and it was most enjoyable. Wife and I took the kids to a local Ninja Warrior indoor facility. It is set up like the TV show with lots of obstacles for them to try out. They all did really well although some were way too hard. Went for lunch after and then had a lazy afternoon at home. The girls watched a movie, my son sat and built things out of lego, wife worked on a new jigsaw puzzle and I cooked the roast dinner. Very low stress and no arguments which was really nice.
What wasn’t so nice was me walking past the kitchen island and misjudging how big my feet are. Smashed my toes into the edge of the island and pretty sure I have broken my third toe (again). I scared the kids with my shout and swearing as I hit it and then hopped to the bedroom to breath through the initial pain alone. Toe was black pretty must straight away which is not a good sign. It was pretty painful through the night and I ended up taking some pain killers in the middle of the night to take the edge off so I could sleep. Luckily it is a deload week so I can adjust training around any movements that hurt the toe too much.