Shugart's Lessons From Hospitals

Read this:

Very inspiring…

Chris - am so glad things worked out for you and your family.

I originally read this article in the print version of T-Mag. It’s taped to the wall in my weight-room.

Thanks for your honesty, Chris


and before reading that, I was complaining about having to walk 50 feet in the rain from my truck. Really puts all the little things into perspective. And, it makes me want to hurry home and give my 2 girls an extra hug.

Glad everything worked out for you and your family, Chris.


Thanks all!

What you wrote is so true. Many people take their basic health for granted. I’m glad that your daughter is well. All the happiness in the world to you and your family!!
Love and Aloha,

Chris Shugart,

I don’t think that there is any writer out there that can light a fire under my ass like you do. Not to mention that in your avatar you look like Ken Shamrock ( most dangerous man )!! Seriously, everytime I read one of your articles, it makes me feel like a big PUSS!! But, it also gets my lazy ass going!! Thank you !!