Shugart's Article with Chad Coy

Just wanted to give Chris Shugart props for his article in this week’s issue.

I just returned today from watching the Central USA Strongman Competition in Whitestown, Indiana. This was my first strongman competition. Chad Coy was there, and let me say to all T-mag readers, this guy is massive, as are his training partners Schoonveld and Neese. Watching the competitors in today’s events was absolutely awesome. The raw strength of these guys is absolutely amazing. The support these guys gave to each other was a welcome sight to the bickering and bitching we hear and read about in bodybuilding

Chad, I don’t know if you will read this, but that was an awesome experience for me. Like I have told you through this forum before, Cameron Heflin is one of my good friends from Purdue, and I was there to support him today. You and the Kokomo guys have down a tremendous job with him, as evidenced by his quick time on the tire today. I also want to wish you, Schoonveld, and Neese good luck next weekend in Kokomo as you guys represent Team Indiana. Unfortunately, I will not be there to support you guys in person, but nonetheless, kick some major ass.

Keep up the good work on your training, on helping Heflin, and in promoting the Strongman Competitions…SCREEL

Thanks, Screel. Glad you liked the article. Chad is a genuine good guy and did a great job being straightforward in the interview.

The article couldn’t have had better timing, Mr. Shugart. I read it almost as soon as I got back from the Central USA. I don’t know Chad very well, but in my limited dealings with him, he is really down to earth. Thanks again for the great in depth interview.


The show went well…no injuries is always a good show!
Cameron did great and the rest of the Kokomo crew was in the hunt for the top 12, but only our new guy Jefferson made it and hit the top 5 earning a spot to the national championship and his pro card…another pro from Indiana-6 in all.
If you could come on Sunday at 3 you could see the finals…it should be exciting and the weights at the pro show are 25% heavier atleast than the Central USA!

You will have to come and see the new gym once it is done!

It was a great article. I enjoy watching the strongmen comps on TV and I must say it is a sport growing in popularity as on TSN and the Outdoor Network has been playing Strongmen Shows alot the past 6 plus months, the new ones, old ones from 20 years ago and regional ones as well(even during prime time).

This says alot for the growth in popularity as they would not do this if the ratings were not good.
I think it’s a sport that deserves recognition as the guys in these events in my opinion have the ultimate in athletic ability, strength, size, endurance and agility, let alone the obvious comraderie that shows itself sincerely unlike most sporting events today.
I hope it stays that way to.