Shane's Over 35 Shenanigans

Moving my log back to the over 35 section where it belongs.

Today’s Work


Weight 245

HS ISO Leg Extensions

12 x 60

12 x 70

12 x 80

Hip Abductions

20 x 250

20 x 275

20 x 300

Hip Adductions

20 x 305

20 x 330

30 x 350

Star Trac leg press (feet high)

12 x 270

12 x 300 start here

12 x 330

12 x 360

12 x 405

Squats (531)

TM 225

5 x 95

5 x 135

5 x 170

3 x 195

1 + 215(10)286


1 x 250

1 x 270

Both moved well. No hip pains


8 x 155

8 x 185

8 x 225

8 x 250

Ab crunch machine

Amrap x 125 x 2 sets


62 minutes

Decent day. Decide to bump weight a little on squats. Everything felt ok. Going to Deload next week.


It was so strange how some of these got moved to the training logs section while others were left in the over 35 section.


Agreed. Not sure why that happened but I am bucking the system and starting over. :joy:


Glad you moved back over to the old folks home. :joy: Way to crush that one Shane! Excellent numbers on squat and RDLs! Those joker sets got pretty heavy pretty quickly too. Great work on those.

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Thank you Trent. Felt good to hit a little heavier on squats and my hip not complain. :blush:

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Thursday Cardio
Weight 245
1 hour

That’s it. This was a zone 3 ride, out of 7 zones, but really I only use about 5 of those.

Zone 3 for 9 minutes, then zone 2 for 3 minutes for recovery, for 4 rounds. 11 minutes warm up and 1 minute cool down.


Really cool Peloton ride Shane. The interval approach is really interesting. I tried to keep up 17 mph for 10 minutes today and had trouble doing that. LOL. That ride had to have been about an hour and you still smoked me. Nice work brother!

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Thank you Trent. Yeah the peloton has all kinds of different types of classes you can do. I like this type and the hills rides.

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Upper B

Weight 245

HS incline press

12 x 70 per side warm up

12 x 90

9 x 115

6 x 115

Smith UH barbell rows

12 x 185

12 x 205

Over hand

12 x 225

8 x 245





DB Curls

8 x 40

8 x 40

10 x 40

Cable laterals

10 x 20 per side

10 x 22.5

10 x 25

Pull ups


50 minutes

That’s it for today

Found a cool app called Yuka. It’s a food and cosmetic analyzer. Comes with a bar code scanner. Basically tells you what all those chemicals in our foods and deodorants are and which ones to avoid and offers alternatives.

Pretty slick, very eye opening though.


Sunday Cardio
Weight 247, damn. Went out to eat and had cake last night for a birthday party.
45 minutes

That’s it. Starting Deload this week today. Easy ride but hit a nice cal drop which I needed. Going to meet some buddies to watch football.

Annual toilet bowel today between the Falcons and Panthers.


Nice upper session on Friday Shane. Then a nice bike ride today. Solid sets on the HS Incline. I haven’t had a reference for those machines in a while but am pretty sure that is strong. The Smith rows were heavy too. Notable reps on dips as well. That app sounds like it would be me wife talking to me about everything that I buy. :joy: Can’t a guy just get away and eat some crap once in a while??? :man_shrugging: Nice average speed on that bike ride too.

:joy: :joy: :joy:
Have to admit that I missed the second half as we went to the beach this afternoon. I had a better time surfing than I probably would’ve watching us lose that game. Heard that DJ caught a hail mary but that our kicker somehow lost the game? Will have to check the highlights. Panther being Panthers though. Always finding a way to lose. :joy:

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Thank you Trent. I am trying. :slight_smile:

I like the app, it helps me make a more informed decision on things I eat daily or use daily as deodorant, lotion, face wash etc.

A lot of the things I was using had some pretty bad stuff in it. It didn’t cost me much or cause me to go to some high end boutique to buy some hippy stuff to replace it with either. We replaced everything we were using from lotions, soaps, deodorant, toothpaste and face wash for my wife, son and myself for 88 bucks at Walmart.

As far as food goes, I think we all pretty much know intuitively how to eat. Eat things that are actually foods. Fruit, veggies, nuts, meats, etc and as minimal processed as you can get. Again though, the app makes it easy to identify what is in the boxed and bottled foods and drinks and why you might want to pick a one item over another.

Best part is, the app was free to use a good portion of the app but I thought it was cool enough to sign up for the annual subscription. It’s under 15 bucks for the year.

Yeah man, your Panthers out Falconed the Falcons this week. :joy:

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Weight idk


5 x 95

5 x 135

5 x 185

Nautilus XPload Lat pulls

12 x 90 per side

8 x 115

Incline DB Shoulder press

12 x 55

10 x 65

Chest supported Db rows

12 x 65

10 x 75

OH Tricep Rope

20 x 42.5

20 x 47.5

HS Bicep Curls

12 x 40 per side

12 x 50

Smith Shrugs

20 x 225 fronts

20 x 225 rear

Ab Wheel Rollouts



40 minutes

15 minutes sauna

Happy Halloween.


Tuesday Cardio
Weight 246
Concept 2 Rower
30 minutes
7000 meters

Plan is to row a 10K on Thanksgiving morning so I guess I should knock the cobwebs off the rower and put it and myself through the paces.

Nothing earth shattering on that row. Hit 5k around the 21 minute mark.

The bike burns more cals per minute put in but the rower certainly seems to kick my ass more.


Yeah, my wife is all over the stuff you’re talking about. All she buys is organic food (which is why we’re broke :joy:). As far as hygiene goes, she is right there with you. She buys nothing but natural stuff. I tried the deodorant that she got for me and I stunk so I went back to Old Spice. At least the one I’m using doesn’t have aluminum in it, which I heard is something you want to avoid. I use her shampoo so I’m good there. My bath soap is Dove Men Plus Care, which I’m sure has a bunch of crap in it. Her soap smells like coconuts so I didn’t want to smell like a lady. :dancer:t2: We have a whole-house water filter for showering and cooking. We drink spring water that is delivered. The list goes on and on…

This is fascinating to me. I feel like rowing is much harder than biking. It’s hard to imagine that burning less calories over time. It has now been over a month since the last time I ran and I’ve been thinking about how my conditioning feels pretty weak compared to when I was running. Rowing kicks my ass but, as we know, we aren’t going anywhere. The stationary bike does a decent job, but, again, you aren’t going anywhere. I remember biking in my old neighborhood in Raleigh and that absolutely kicked my ass. There is something to be said about good cardio and actually going somewhere while you do it. Good deal on the Thanksgiving Row. Sounds like a good activity.

Nice job on the deload session as well.

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Sounds like you guys pretty much have it nailed down. Haha. Yeah I use Old Spice, not the white but the original and it scores really well. Yep, you hit the nail on the head with the aluminum, that is the one you have to watch for. Especially girls because they shave and then put that crap on their skin. Believe it or not irish spring original bar soap is rated really well. However, other irish spring soaps that have additives, like aloe, rate horribly.

I think the rowing is because you are using your upper body which is much more noticeably fatigued when working it aerobically. The legs really can take a beating and you are not overly that uncomfortable while doing it. I think you are on to something about actually moving while exercising.


Wednesday Legd
Weight 247

Leg curls

10 x 95

10 x 115

Hip Adduction

20 x 265

20 x 280

Hip Abduction

20 x 265

20 x 280

Leg press

20 x 230

20 x 250


5 x 95

5 x 135

5 x 185


15 per leg

15 minutes

That’s it.


Solid work today Shane. Good job keeping the muscles and joints in the swing of things. Great points about rowing vs predominantly lower body cardio. I always wondered the same thing about swimming. It seems like you are busting your ass when swimming (compared to running) but it doesn’t burn as many calories over the same period of time. Upper body cardio is important though, I will say that. I’ve noticed a difference in that regard lately. Even the little bit that I did while running is noticeable.

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Thank you Trent! Yeah I think swimming is one of the hardest workouts you can do. It flat out kicks my ass every time I try to swim purposely for exercise. Cardio fitness seems to fall off almost faster than strength.


This is true, and documented. That’s why I always do conditioning on rest weeks. :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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