Sexual dysfunction

Hi guys, it’s normal that after 4 months on PCT and 2 months off, I still don’t have sexual stimuli, I’m often nervous and get upset easily, it’s becoming a serious problem. especially the desire and the non-existent erection, can anyone help me?
As soon as I entered the PCT, I stopped training now it’s been 5 months since I stopped and I’m always nervous and it doesn’t work anymore.

What drugs were you taking?

You don’t have the desire or you have desire but no erection?

I don’t understand why you would do this. I have to assume you have now lost all you worked for on cycle.

In my experience i had and erection issue and it go in my head and then every time i was with my partner i had issues/anxiety which caused more erection issues and more anxiety. Once i was able to get my confidence back I have had 0 issues.
That being said, answer the questions below.

Does cialis or Viagra work?
Are you getting nocturnal erections?
Let’s see your post cycle bloodwork?

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This. Was having issues and turned into a vicious cycle of anxiety. Begrudgingly went to the doctor and got a script for generic Cialis. After I got my confidence back, no longer need the pills.

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Get recent labs for TT/FT/E2/FSH/LH.