PCT and no erection

Hi guys, before I get dumped by my girlfriend, I’ll leave my thoughts here. I have been training for 7 years, I don’t do bodybuilding competitions, I did my first 3 and a half months of cycle and PCT, during the PCT the erection was very weak that I had to use Viagra until one day everything went back to normal .
My girlfriend left me and during my solitary life I decided to carry out a 6 month cycle with 3ml of susta per week every other day and 3ml of Tren (unfortunately exaggerating it is 750mg of testo and 750mg of Trenbolone) during the cycle I did it. I didn’t use the AI, I still decided to continue the cycle for another 6 months, during these 6 months I removed the trenbolone and inserted: 500mg of testo per week, 100mg of masteron, 3 tablets of Dianabol per day and 500 mg of Boldenone per week.
after 1 year of cycle my girlfriend came back with me, I decided to perform a TRT by inquiring in this forum and learning the practices on my own, I performed a 6 month TRT, my TRT was set like this: 500ui of gonasi every other day, 75ui of hmg to keep FSH and LH high, 50 mg of clomid every other day, 100 mg of testo E (split: 50 mg Monday and 50 mg Thursday) to finish 0.5 mg arimidex at the moment of the injection to adjust my E2 and bring it into compliance. I decided to start again for another 5 months with boldenone, sustanon, dianabol and masteron but at low doses, I injected testosterone for 2 years and over the 2 years I also performed a 6-month TRT. I’m doing a full PCT but after 1 and a half months the erection is no longer there. In the first two months I barely made love (only when the testicles were full of fsh and lh) now I moved on to the last month of PCT with proviron 10 mg and 50 mg of enclomiphene, obviously in the first months Gonasi and HMG as I wanted restore htpa and become fertile again. I would like to have a child. There is only one problem: I have neither sexual drive nor erection, in the first month my testicles filled up, now suddenly everything is off. my partner is tired because we haven’t made love for 1 month now and I’m afraid I’ve made a mistake with this cycle and I think I have serious problems but maybe I’m wrong. It’s not normal, before I made love all the time, now I don’t do it anymore and nothing works underneath. I accept constructive and heartfelt criticism, please. Can someone help me?

Gee i wonder why you having a hard time recovering???
Have you gone to the doctor?


That’s not a proper PcT. Sounds like you didn’t get the timing or protocol right. Further the PCT is like a jumpstart for your HPTA. It’s not instant cure. You still may have ED for awhile while recovering.