Serge Storms: Training Log

Update 2022: Reviving the log after a long break. Good stuff going on right now, so jump in at 11/8/22.

Hi, my name is Serge.

My current goal is to get and stay shredded.

UPDATE: My specific goal is to maintain 8% body fat throughout 2019.

Jump in with questions or comments or just to say hey.

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A few pics. I finally finished our basement and put a little workout studio down there. My wife teaches mini Barre classes down there, and I use it for whatever I feel like doing. All I really need is a dumbbell and a jump rope. A nice hardwood floor helps make the rope jumping a bit easier on the joints.

The studio replaced the old “Serge Lighting” selfie studio, so I don’t have those tricks at my disposal anymore.

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I’ve come a long way since you were last here, brother.

Just Keep Lifting, would ya?

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In for the ride.

Remember, “Fear’s a bullshit artist.”

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That’s a good one. Writing that one down.

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  1. Every time I’ve caught fire and found the zone with my eating patterns, I’ve used meticulous logging as a tool to help get there.

  2. I had a TON of room for improvement in my diet, as indicated by the trends in my Lose It App. Everything decreased month/month except fiber.

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Yep. Harnew Elementary School Breakdance Champion, 1984.

More recently, 40-something Dad busting moves and checking heart rate monitor in-between sequences.

I see lots and lots of squats and a new house. Nice.

As the kids say, POIDH.

Oh, it happens.


110 unbroken double unders.

HR 172

Piece of cake, I could have done 130-140 at least.

Haha cool break dancing dude!

What are the benefits you are getting out of jump rope? I start doing it than quickly lose interest before I get any real benefit out of it…

Hey Irish, thanks for dropping in. I jump rope because I believe that getting my HR up into the 170-185 range for at least a few seconds on an almost-daily basis is a good way to keep my heart and circulatory system in good shape.

Of all the ways I have found to achieve that goal (sprinting, bike sprints, stairs, etc.), the rope is the most fun, most joint-friendly, and least painful.

I do it to the beat of the music and combine it with a lot of dance-inspired footwork. If I was just jumping without music, I wouldn’t even bother.


Friday. 2,000 calories. 40/30/30


192.4 lbs

45 minute AM workout
1 scoop BCAA
300 calories burned

Shoulders and arms - alternating single-arm DB pop-locking

Jump rope

Hand stands

  • these were solid today. Easily found my balance point and held perfect form for as long as I wanted. Dropping 7 pounds makes these WAY easier.

Hand balancing/ yoga poses

Pistol squats - super slow, super strict

Standing butt-blaster contractions.

Bike ride outside - 1 hour

I’m done with these boring neighborhoods, we need to move to Arizona or Cali.

Nice break dancing skills!

You probably mentioned it in your other log, but, height and age?





Similar stats, I thought so.


60 minutes shoulders and arms PUMP workout
50 g carbs intra

The pump will be more enjoyable when I’m a few bf percentage points leaner.

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Sunday - 2400 calories

300g C/160 P/70 F

Today was the third or fourth day where my morning weight didn’t move very much, even at an intake slightly below 2,000 cal.

I decided to replace some of my fruit and honey with oatmeal and cereal, and I bumped carbs to 300.

My plan was to then cycle my carbs down for a few days to empty the tanks before going back to 250ish grams carbs.

Well, this morning I was actually down a half-pound and looking more noticeably tighter.

I decided to stick with the plan to still cycle my carbs down, but I may only keep them low for a day or two, depending on weight and how I look in the morning.

I actually dropped some water during the day today, which doesn’t usually happen. Hit a new low weight of 191.

In the big picture, I could achieve my goals without all this majoring in the minors. But these little tweaks keep me engaged and I believe they help strengthen my ability to control what I eat with great confidence and minimal struggle.

No workout today, just showing off some jump rope tricks in my driveway to some of the neighborhood kids.

I should also mention that I’ve had no alcohol for the majority of the last few weeks. There was a break for a big annual meeting and industry convention from May 30 - June 4. I was going to relax the restrictions for that one. I did that and more. Kinda turned into more of a 4-day bender. But other than that, I’ve been racking up the zero-alcohol days.

I notice a difference in morning energy levels and mental clarity with no alcohol. The difference becomes more pronounced as I string more and more days together. Gets me thinking about ditching it completely or at least making a permanent drastic reduction.

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