Scared of TRT at 28 w/ Labs

Hey everyone, i’m 28 years old and have low T. I feel it’s my lifestyle habits causing low T. Colleague recommended for me to give it a try as he noticed how depressed i’ve been.


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Could i give it a try and quit if it’s not for me around 6 months to a year? Mainly concerned of hair loss, acne, and lowering natural testosterone baseline levels .

I have a career opportunity in july where i will be moving and need to absolutely be clean and the best version of myself before it. I used to weigh 150 but now weigh 138 lb at 5 9, used to weigh 155 muscle half a year ago).

What about your natural baseline? If i factor in a healthier lifestyle that TRT granted me, if i stick to that life could i have optimal test levels higher than prior? Bar is already low.

I think you should wait until you’re clean well before starting any other meds. You need to know your real T levels before deciding to medicate away your symptoms.

Given your attempts to get clean, perhaps being around an abundance of needles is not the best course of action?

Take care of yourself

Thanks, injecting needles is nothing, only use pain killer pills, never used anything else or even drink alcohol.

I will try, was hoping if someone else knew how long it took for levels to return (if they even do after years of use). saw a paper saying 24-72 hours after wd or a month for H users

I had acne like you wouldn’t believe as a teenager, TRT doesn’t cause any acne or side effects other than needing iron supplements.

It’s rare to get shut down permanently on short term TRT, most take decades to be 100% shut down.

Pain killers, especially opioids are known to lower testosterone, in most cases it’s permanent if on them long term.

My natural baseline was 91 ng/dL, LH 3.6, FSH 4.6 and was being suppressed by diabetes. It’s possible if I’m able to reverse my diabetes to be able to stop TRT and get my natural levels back up.

Interesting take, thanks for your share.

We both have progressive incurable diseases that can only be in remission

Had no idea it could be permanent in some cases. What about trt? Any cases of permanent? Does it lower your baseline in healthy men around 700 as an example?

What’s your recommendation on my situation? Should i opt for trt

Going on TRT knowning that opioids are the cause of your low-T is not recommended. You may not even need TRT.

You need to get off the opioids and see where your numbers go. Then if testosterone doesn’t recover, then TRT is warranted.

If you don’t mind me asking, why are you on opioids?

Not a med pro but I am a spotty git, yes of course TRT can give you/inflame acne. Its normally the first thing mentioned on issues you may have when taking it.
What I would add is if you do try and it does flare up stick with it as it will hopefully settle.

Fluctuations will obviously make you more prone to bouts but I often get flare ups for no apparent reason. I have blasted much higher levels and had few problems or the opposite and gotten greasy skin and even seborrhea after being on the same dose for ages.

Personally I’ve also never needed an iron supplement on testosterone dosages between 150mg a week to 500mg a week for the last 3 years although some may I believe.

Maybe try to fix those first, and if you can’t, then go on TRT?