Both my boyfriend & I think I should start working out to gain more muscle, and to lose the little belly I have. Even though I could get the advice from my boyfriend, what kind of supplements would you guys reccommend that would help burn body fat and help gain muscle mass (not the bulky kind), that wouldn’t cost me a fortune? Also, what kind of routines do you think would be good for me to start out with. I did a little bit of weight training for about two months, but I haven’t really done anything since December. Thanks a lot for your help.

Kittie: Congratulations on taking the first (and biggest) step and that is recognizing that you need to change…and “Welcome To The Neighborhood!” Like any “family”, these guys can be your best friends or worst enemies. But you’ll find the best info on the net right here. Now…my recommendations:

  1. First of all; your DIET should be your first priority. A diet has to not only “look and sound” clean, it must a)BE clean and b) specific to your weight and goals. The FIRST thing you need to do his calculate EXACTLY what you’re eating in terms of kcals, macronutrient ratios and types of macros. If you don’t, you are “shooting in the dark” in terms of whether your diet will help, or hinder, you reaching your goals. (Hey…if you don’t know where you are, it will be VERY hard to know where you’re going). Throw out RIGHT NOW the idea that you need high carbs with low protein (unless you’d like to hold on to your “pooch”!)

    Now…if this is too “complex”; there are PLENTY of diets in the Mags, in books and on the Net. BUT BE CAREFUL! YOU STILL WILL HAVE TO CATER/AND OR ALTER THEM BASED ON YOUR BODY AND YOUR GOALS! Which bring me right back to the original point, I guess!

  2. Read and digest the following articles until ya’ can’t read no 'mo!:

    "The Diet Manifesto”, "Massive Eating”, “The Missing Ingredient”, “Foods That Make You Look Good Nekkid” and the “Appetite For Construction” series of articles, (beginning with 1&II as a foundation. These are all found on this site). These article will get you started on the right track and will put you ahead of 99% of the people in your gym. THEN:

  3. Think basic, heavy movements. Don’t get fancy and foo-foo. And because you are a woman, DO NOT THINK THAT YOU “SHOULD” LIFT PINK BUNNY REPS, WITH HIGH REPS, AND DO 2 HOURS OF CARDIO! Keep it basic. Keep it heavy. Keep it real…! Read “The Dawg School” series of articles and “The Beginner’s Blast Off Program”. A cute, shapely butt, legs and abs comes from lifting the weights. You WILL NOT get “bulky”.

    Once you’ve digested all the info, and your diet and workout are in order, THEN consider supplements (read also “The Bodybuider’s Heiarchy Of Needs” by Chris Shugart. It holds true for anybody; male or female…old or young.

    Now…this is the BEST information around…but even the best information can be overwhelming, depending on your experience level. If so…some excellent beginning programs, that lay things out very simply are:

    1)Bill Phillips “Body For Life” and 2)Any of the Weider Groups “Beginner’s Programs” that show up pretty regularly now days in “Muscle and Fitness”. Call them and let them know what you need. They’ll gladly send you a back issue.

    Well…hope this helps!The guys on this site can help clear up any confusion you may have.

    Good luck, and welcome to “The Forum”!

Check out this week’s Dawg School: Hierarchy of Needs for nutrition and supplementation basics. This would be a excellent start. THEN read a previous Dawg School article by Chris Shugart about Beginners’ weight training. I think it’s called Beginners’ Needs? Ah hell, just do a search in the T-Mag search engine using “beginner” as your search word. I’m sure it’ll pop up.

Another thing about your question on supplements: seriously look at your current diet and make any necessary changes BEFORE you look into buying supplements. Learn about basic nutrition and what your body needs are.

And it TAKES alot for a woman to get all "bulky" - and muscle on a woman ain't bulky - but sleek and sexy. Fat is bulky and unshapely. Can we get our symantics right here?

Dawg School - Basic Training for Beginners. Or The Beginners Blast Off Program.

Whew! HAD to do a search myself to find that damn article, cuz I knew it existed...feel better now. Can go to bed.....

Hey Kittie

Definitely don’t worry about building “too much muscle”. All these guys around here would definitely agree that a girl that has good muscular shape and tone is really hot. I know that the hottest girl in my College gym is the most muscular one there. Besides, without roids, girls won’t gain a whole lot of muscle.

Another way to help your pyhsique get toned and stronger without gaining mass is following a Pavel Tsatsouline routine. According to him, do few sets of heavy weights. This will give your neuromuscular system a boost. Read “Power to the people: Russian Stength Training secrets”

To burn fat, the best “supplement” is your diet. Eat six small meals a day consisting of protein, carbs and fat. Drink lots of water. Simply watch your caloric intake.

As far as actual supplements, the only fat burning supps that actually work are ephedrine caffeine stacks.

Hope I actually helped and didn’t say too much!

There was just an article written just for you a couple weeks ago. It’s called How to Build a T Vixen. Look in the FAQ or Diet Manifesto for a diet to follow if you’re into that too.

md-6 and T2 were awesome. lost so much hard fat. watch your diet and hit the weights hard. laters pk

Actually Jeff, T2 and T2-Pro are every effective and not EC stacks. Although the ideal stack is T2-pro, MD6 (which has EC plus other goodies) and Methoxy-7. I’d start with the first two. Also Kittie, there’s a Dawg School article thats starts with the “Top Beginner Mistakes”. Be sure and read that one too. The FAQ section here is great too.

Forget the supplements for now. Do as Mufasa and others have suggested. Read the articles and work on proper eating and some hard training. I think too many people rely on supplements because they are readily available. But you can make great gains without them. Besides, since you are new to weight training, you’ll make a lot of progress without needing supplements.

Keep this in mind as your first training tenent:
You can’t be both anabolic (building muscle) and catabolic (losing fat) at the same time—physiologically it doesn’t happen (with some exceptions) so get it out of your head.
Listen to mufusa and the other usuals on this forum–one point i agree with him on is that you must be A-N-A-L about tracking what (everything) you eat down to the piece of gum that you put in your mouth.
Solid training/basic movements/and if you want to lose the fat, a hypocalorie diet for fat loss.

I did not know that T-2 and T-2 pro were not ECA’s, but I have not used Biotest supps yet. Are they thyroid boosters or what? Was is the safety factor of those types of supps?

Thanks for all of your advice. I think I am going to try that T-Vixen workout. I also decided that I am going to workout on the same days as my boyfriend does, so he can help me if I have any questions. If anyone has any more advice, I’d be glad to hear it. Thanks again.

Remember, JUST BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING HARD DOESN’T MEAN YOU DON’T HAVE TO FUCKING DO IT!! Just kidding! Make sure you stay consistent though. It’s better to have a bunch of good workouts in a row than to have a killer workout then not do anything for a couple weeks.