Results with Thiomucase???

I have got down to about 9% body fat but still have a little tiny bit of loose skin from my days when i was a lard ass. How many here have tried Thiomucase cream? Did you notice any good results? I heard it works better when mixed with DMSO. Any thoughts?

I’ve used it - it’s far from a mirracle cream, but it does help tighten things up a bit and release some trapped water under the skin. If you’ve got a lot, I think your looking at surgery though (if you’re very young, it may tighten up over the years by itself). Never mixed it with DMSO myself though.

I use thiomucase prior to bodybuilding competitions and have gotten good results. It may not be appropriate for what you are trying to accomplish though. Thiomucase is fairly expensive. Cost is about $9-11 per tube and may only last a few days. I usually go through about 5-6 tubes per month prior to competitions. Surgery may be more appropriate although make sure you aren’t going to continue to lose a lot of weight prior to the surgery and make sure you keep the weight off.