Reduce Protein, Increase Growth?


This is one of those deals where less turns out to be more. Let’s say you’re rolling right along in your normal pattern of eating protein to build muscle. Then, once every six days you decrease protein to .5 to .7 g per pound of bodyweight while increasing carbs accordingly (a 200-pound bodybuilder, for instance, would take in an additional 60-100 g of carbs to make up for what he is losing in protein on that day of protein reduction). This sudden drop in protein sets off an internal alarm that shifts the body into a protein-preserving mode to guard against deficit. Once you return to your standard protein intake, you’re more likely to add more muscle mass because the body continues to produce the enzymes and hormones triggered by the one-day protein drop.

Has anyone tried this? Did you get good results?

That’s interesting. If your body isn’t getting enough protein, doesn’t it start breaking down muscle tissue to get the amino acids it needs for other bodily functions?

Maybe I’m way off. Is there a study somewhere we could read that goes into more depth?


Is true?For Tampa-Terry-Phill…

[quote]smallnomore wrote:
That’s interesting. [/quote]

Actually, that’s a theory. There are millions of them and until they are proven rght, all they are is a group of thoughts strung together. One day of decreasing protein intake, while still giving the body sufficient calories to grow, shouldn’t cause the body to feel alarmed at all. Your body can make protein that it needs (aside from essential amino acids) if the calories are available.

OK, I will chime in VERY fast with my thoughts on thid. I have never tried it on purpose but could see wher it might help with gains. Not exactly for the reasoning you have stated but another.

If I were to do this I would treat it like a carb up day. Doing it on a day out of the weight room and day prior to a BIG session like squat or dead day.

I would go nearly all P+C for the day eliminating fats for the most part with exception of the few unavoidables and my fish oils. Drop the PRO. LOW atleast to the .5 range ALL lean choices.

No you shouldnt lose LBM as your suplying all kinds or excess fast energy from the carbs.

Then the next day when you hit the weights. BAM You are loaded from the super compensated/refilled glycogen energy allowing for a KICK butt w/o.

Hence your body will be starving for that Protien you are now giving it again.

Same thing happens with my cheat meal days. I plan them for a day before a tough day in the gym not the day of. Leads to a GREAT w/o.

Give it a try. Couldnt hurt. Experiment with it for a couple months and tell us how it goes.

Hope that was kinda clear and helped.


[quote]Phill wrote:

If I were to do this I would treat it like a carb up day. Doing it on a day out of the weight room and day prior to a BIG session like squat or dead day.

It needs to be clear that this has nothing directly to do with protein cycling. When gaining, why would carb intake be so reduced that glycogen stores would be near empty to begin with?

Yes, I guess we could mention that what I said had nothing to do with carb cycling. But, if one was carb cycling the approach could be even more effective in giving an awesome perfomance in the gym the following day.

Or even with ppl whom take a more moderate carb/ high protein approach to bulking.

Like you said though it is all theory and not fact. Nothing that works for me is fatc for anyone but me. PPl simply need to try things for themselves. We all react as individuals. What makes you grow like a weed may not do a bit of good for me.

But, I see NO harm in asking. Thats what this forumn is here for. To think about such theories. Ask and receive others opinions, experiences, approaches to said theories. Then to take that info. and try it for yourself, see how you react and make changes that better it for YOU.

Share and share alike.


I started a little experiment over a year ago and have stuck with it ever since. I’m super strict on my diet Monday thru Friday (ala Berardi’s recommendations). On the weekend I up my calories (by about 1000) and lower my protein (by at least half). I originally did it for the psychological factor more than anything. What I found was that by Monday my muscles seemed supercharged. My Monday workout is always awesome, and I’m always completely recovered—regardless of how sore I was on Saturday. I’ve made continuous progress using this little trick for more than a year, so I just stuck with it. It really lets me relax (pyschologically and physically)over the weekend and attack the weights on Monday. I get really burnt out having to be so strict on my diet all the time (I gain fat easily), and this really helps.