Recipes For Success

In light of Berardi recipe brilliance I just couldn’t resist sharing my lates t-person delectable recipe. I warn you that it is amazing, addicting, and astonishingly good for building an awesome physique. Here goes:

Grow! banana fudge pudding. Blend 1 serving of Grow! or your favorite chocolate MRP with 16 oz. of ice cold water for 20 seconds, add 2 tblspn. of jello sugar free banana cream pie pudding and continue to blend for about 2 minutes. Chill the concoction for about 2-3 hours and enjoy!trust me this is a real winner, and I would like to use this thread to share other secret recipes floating about the t-community.

I like to take strawberry isopure meal replacements and blend it with a bottle of gatorade fierce melon and a bit of honey post-workout, this is a yummy shake.

Anyone tried any of the emeril seasonings on their meats? it’s pretty good, I have grown fond of asian spice(not the spice girl)

Try this one. Mix one scoop Advanced Protein chocolate flavor with just enough water to make it look like sludge. Then add 2 tablespoons of all natural peanut butter. Mix well in a bowl. This is awesome.

That would make a good p+f meal on the berardi massive eating plan wouldnt it?