Question for JMB

Thanks alot for posting your sample meal plan. But I was wondering if you could give us a non- work out day too. I am very curious as to how you distribute the macros, since there is no post w/o shake. I’m sure many others would like to check that out as well. Thanks.

He eats the same way on non-workout days. That’s the whole point. The calorie surplus allows one to put on weight. Also, he DOES take a post workout shake in the form of Surge, or a Surge-like concoction of BCAA’s, whey hydrolysate, maltodextrin and dextrose.

Actually, JB does not eat on non-training days. He just does cardio for 16 hours then retires. Okay, I’m just messin’. But like Hyok said, the cals got to be up there at the same level as training days to get that desired surplus. Hyok, I think VCreed was referring to what type of meal(s) JB eats on non-training days in lieu of the during and post-workout liquid nutrition that he would get on workout days.

Timbo, WASSSSSSSUUUUUUPPPPPPPP??? Hey bro, I got your e-mail the other day. I’ll hit you back soon. Just been a bit busy and not online much! How’s it hanging my man? You tearing it up as usual or what? Are you eating massively? Yeah, you know you have to! You can’t be scared of the calories. And don’t forget to save up some chickens so you can afford some of that Surge! I can’t wait to get that stuff in my hands, my man! I’ll talk to you soon Timbo! Keep it real!

VCreed, from my discussions with John about eating (and that seems to be all we talk about lately!), he looks at non-workout days as an opportunity to perhaps sneak in an extra meal. Without a workout getting in the way, there are more windows of opportunity to eat. Like John tells me all the time, adopt this mantra and repeat it several times each day: “Don’t fear the food!”

And I might add, don’t get too anal about all this, one can overthink their macronutrient intake.

Nate Doggy Dogg, kickin’ it the only way he knows how…Doggy-Style! ‘Sup, bro. That’s cool, buddy, I know how things tie a brutha up. Hollah at me when you get a chance, bro. Don’t worry, my man, I’m actually gettin’ my grub on as I type. Sounds like you’re already feeling the Surge…boy, it’s going to be too hot to handle. Man, you got me started on those Back Bridges…

K-Dawg (John K)'ve had some really sweet posts today, big guy. I doubt you remember me, but I wish you'd have the opportunity to post more often. Thanks for sharing a bit of JB's philosophies. As far as looking at recovery days as a chance to get in MORE meals or calories, I had never thought of it like that...but I'm starting to realize the RECOVERY part of the recovery day. It's all about gettin' your grub on.