Question about women and pregnancy

one of my friend’s was telling me he read that women are only fertile for 3 days of the month, usually 14 days after the start of their last period give or take a few days. that means to be on the safe side, lets say it is 11 days. since sperm can only live for up to 48 hours inside a woman than that would mean you could have sex until 9 days after the period starts and lets say the period lasts 5 days, that would leave 4 days after a girl’s period ends that it would be impossible to get her pregnant. also that would mean that 20 days (to be on the safe side) after her last period started it would also be impossible for her to get pregnant until her next fertile cycle. so that gives like a good 2 weeks of sex between the time before and right after her period that you could have without having to worry about pregnancy at all, right? is this true, or was my friend just misinformed? are there exceptions to this or what? me and my girlfriend always use a condom and we hate it, but we do it any way because we definately don’t want kids. this seems a little too good to be true though so that is why i wanted to ask here to see what you guys think.

lol, nice try. It makes sense that she couldn’t get pregnant. But she can. We just learned that about a week ago in my human development and family studies class at ISU. So basically keep using the condom, but remember that won’t always work 100% of the time.

I believe that is called the “rhythm method.” It does not work. While it is true that there are periods during the a mentrual cycle when a woman is more likely to be impregnated, pregnancy can occur at ANY time.

There is a bio-rythm method of birth control which is based on this premise, although from what I’ve read that even if you eliminate the human error from the method that the body generally isn’t that dependable to keep the rythm precisely. Not enough to plan your birth control around. Of course my Catholic school Theology teacher would be pissed if she read this.

in theory, yes, you are correct. however, a woman’s cycle is affected by many things and is not clockwork. the rythm method is about 30% effective. stress, diet, sleep and lots of other things cause variations in the cycle. there are MANY different methods of brith control out there, i’d suggest using 2 of them concurently if you want to be 99.99999% safe. (even with the pill there is a 1 in 1000 chance) the ONLY safe method is not having sex. laugh as IF. please do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT rely on the rythm method, you will most likely have a child on the way soon!

Have you ever heard of birth control? It’s a wonderful tool that can be used so you can have sex without the condom and not worry about pregnancy. And there is more than one method of birth control (Norplant, the pill, depo, etc). You and your girlfriend should try it out sometime.

All the relationships that I’ve been in, I’ve asked the girl to get on birth control because I don’t like condoms either! This isn’t to say I never use them. As I believe safe sex is extremely important. But if you and your partner have been tested for HIV/AIDS and other STD’s, and you are in a monogomous relationship, then you should be safe to have sex without a condom, as long as you are using birth control to prevent pregnancy!

What you are talking about is coined as the Rythm method. Incredibly unaffective form of birth control. Just ask any catholic who was catholic before the second vactican counsel. That is why it was such a running joke when you would see a huge family people would say catholic rythm method. Sad but true. The reason being that birth control was a mortal sin to catholics then.

There are couples that just aren’t fertile – my doctor and her husband being one. They’ve been TRYING to have another child, but in spite of trying to time things right, it just hasn’t worked. On the other side of that coin, there are couples like my wife and I, who got pregnant the first try (going by the same 2-weeks theory). Also, ovulation can be triggered by a woman’s orgasm. There are many other methods of birth control (actually pregnancy control) besides condoms.

Ain’t nobody got pregant from getting a hummer!

Hehehehe… trying using that line.

Seriously, a woman can get pregnant anytime. Play it safe man. My girl is on the pill and I pull out. It isn’t completely safe (pre-cum has a bunch of tadpoles) but it is better than wearing a condom.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m in a monogamous relationship, so it’s all good.


Of course every woman is different, but here is what my wife and I have done for the last 18 years. The way I number the days doesn’t follow the accepted days of the month numbering, but I had to come up with something that made sense to me and could easily keep track of. Our day one is the first day that nothing shows up on the pad or plug. Days 1-4 are her horniest times; both our kids were conceived between these days. Mmm-maybe she is ovulating. Between day 8 and 20 we are unprotected. Day 21 is when she usually starts flowing; this lasts for about 5 to 6 days. Then we start again. I just wanted to give a real world experience.

While it is true that the old “rhythm” method was quite poor at preventing pregnancy, the Smpto thermal method now used in natural family planning is very effective. It has in fact been shown to be just as effective as the pill. As far as the pill and other chemicals go, if you love your wife, then there is no way in hell you should allow her to be putting that crap in her body. Do me a favor and research the side effects and read some studies done on the pill and things like Depo. I don’t mean just talk to a doc either. They have an agenda: get women on chemicals = more exams and checkups + more kickbacks from pharmaceutical = more $. Go read up on this crap. A friend who is a resident in Boston said “I wouldn’t give Depo to my dog”. Your woman’s health is a heck of a lot more important than a wet carrot whenever your want it.

And by the way artificial means of contraception is still a mortal sin.