Question about noticeable difference between different injection frequencies? What works for you?

I’m still rather new to TRT, and I’m still trying to identify what works best for me as far as how much can I spread out my injections without noticing any, or little effects as far as energy level drops.

I began on testosterone cypionate 50 mg a week split into 2 shots a week. Apparently that was a low dose for me, and a few times I felt flat about 1 day or a day and a half before my next injection. I was injecting every 3.5 days.

My dose was raised to 75 mg a week, with the same frequency of injecting every 3.5 days. This seems to work well for me, as I don’t notice any real fluctuations in level. I’m sure there is some fluctuations, but not really noticeable to me. For a few weeks I experimented injecting 3 days a week in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I honestly didn’t notice a difference, and after a few weeks it became a drag to inject every other day during the weekday, so I went back to every 3.5 days.

Last month in order not to take my shots with me while visiting family during a long weekend I decided to take a dose to last me 4 days, and then I did it again. So I injected every 4 days on two consecutive occasions. Again, I didn’t notice much difference.

My question to those that have been on TRT for a while is, what have you experimented with as far as different shot frequencies, and what frequency seems to work best for you?

Also, at what point did you feel the shots were to spread out that you felt energy level drops?

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I’ve taken 120mg all the way to 160mg. I’ve done it once per week and twice per week. Never noticed a difference between any.


You’re doing it all wrong by making changes to your protocol too frequently! You need to understand the pharmacokinetics of cypionate which has a half-life of 5-7 days, meaning 42 days to reach stable blood levels. Until you reach steady states, you may feel ups and downs, or inconsistency in the way you feel.

If you’re changing dosages every few days or weeks, you’ll be wasting time trying to find out what works for you. If this is what you’ve been doing, previous protocols may have been optimal for you, but now you’ll never know it because you didn’t stick with it long enough.

You need to give each protocol 6-8 weeks and then access how you feel.

My case is unique to me, I’m an outlier. I don’t respond to injections beyond every other day injections, doesn’t matter how high my levels are, I feel nothing unless my dosing is very frequent.

My body cannot tolerate injections daily or every other for extended periods of time, because I struggle to maintain normal ferritin on TRT and the longer half-life of injections decreases my ferritin levels quickly!

I found something that works, oral testosterone undecanoate, Jatenzo @237 mg twice daily which has a 6 hour half-life, steady states in 7 days. My hormone levels drops quickly, 100 ng/dL per hour, a rapid decline within a 12 hour period (988->289 ng/dL) and I feel the same 24/7.

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Thanks for sharing!
Initially I did give the 50 mg dosage 2x a week plenty of time. In fact, I did this for 7-8 weeks without changing anything. So apparently the dose was not high enough. My total t level after that time was 355.

After my dose was increased to 75 mg a week, for the next 3 months or so I stayed on 2x a week injection during that time, with the exception of 2 weeks injecting 3 times a week, and the 2 times I injected every 4 days. After 2 weeks of injecting 3 times a week I just did not want to inject that often so I didn’t see the point to continuing when I was simply feeling fine injecting 2 days a week. So one can make a point that I didn’t give 3 days a week or every 4 days plenty of time. However, on my initial 50 mg 2x a week protocol I did give it plenty of time.

I’m going to remain on 2x a week for now and experiment spreading it out to every 4 days again for a longer period of time in the future.
Thanks again!

Regarding the frequency, this what most report to me. Changing frequency has less impact than changing dosing.


Just keep in mind OP that so many of the dudes here will swear it’s all placebo for you feel anything the first few weeks, but then turn around and claim they “feel” it if they miss their daily dose or their trough even with a very liberal TRT dose.

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Always suspected this to be the case as almost everyone who moves to daily injections lowers the dose so that their level matches the old trough, without paying attention to the fact that they’re peaking significantly higher on a single weekly injection. They most likely didn’t need the dailies, just the lower dose.

I inject daily, subq, and like it. I don’t feel a difference vs. 2x weekly but erythrocytosis has calmed down for me since switching.


I inject weekly, .6ml of 250mg Test Cyp subq. Have been doing it for five years with no problems. I don’t take anything else, have no problems.

I started IM, with adex and hcg.

Keep it simple, be patient. It is not that complicated for the vast majority of people.

I do donate blood every twelve weeks or so to keep my hematocrit down, and because it’s a good thing to do.

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That may be the main reason guys try daily dosing.

Some have had good success controlling or eliminating moderate to severe acne.

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I also use UGL, reuse needles and syringes.

It’s not that complicated.

Yeah. I heard it cuts down on sides in general, with the theory being exogenous test itself isn’t necessarily the cause, but the method of administration breaking a natural undulation of production and release outside of normal feedback loops.

Evidently daily injections, at night, more closely mimic night time pulses.

No clue how true it is, and don’t really care, but it has definitely helped me with the side effect I was experiencing.

I can say 90+% of the guys going to daily dosing are back to their old once or twice a week dosing after six months. However, if you are experiencing an adverse effect, I see no harm in trying.

It’s not.

That is why you need not care.


I feel best on an every-third day schedule. It throws the week off, but who cares.

This is just contributing to personal experience for the thread readers to draw from, not a recommendation.

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I have thought about considering every 3 days in the future myself. I don’t think I’d like to inject more frequently than every 3 days.

Every day or every other day is definitely not something that I would like to do. Especially if there is no noticeable difference to me.

I feel the best on ED dosing but probably just a placebo effect , but they get real old after awhile

Perhaps @dextermorgan will add a comment to this thread. I read his log and many of his posts on other threads. He always would say that daily injections are the last thing to try, but he tried all the other dosing protocols and injecting daily was the only protocol he hadn’t tried…and on it, he found success, but, like you, he also had low ferritin, IIRC, and once he started supplementing iron, he had a good response to trt.

I’m an outlier, too, and considering MWF or dailies. I’d much prefer injecting once or twice a week but in the end, whatever should work, I’ll be fine with.

Changing frequency made a huge difference for me. At 160mg/week in E3.5D injections my blood pressure shot up to 160/80 (from a lifelong, unshakable 115/75) and I looked like a human marshmallow.

I switched that to 22mg/day (154mg/week, so negligible difference from 160mg/week) and BP normalized again and bloating went down significantly. Everything else improved as well.

That was a long time ago though, now I’m running 140mg/week Test with 70mg/week Masteron (daily injections of both) and feeling amazing. I just switched the Masteron for Primo to see how that feels since it’ll probably be healthier long term even at that low a dosage.

But essentially I’m never running Test again without a DHT derivative in the mix to control E2. The new school of thought, pushed on these forums a few years ago perhaps more than anywhere else, that you should let E2 fly into the stratosphere, is ridiculous. Every time I see a guy looking jacked but completely bloated and behaving like a physically aggressive 14yo girl on her period, I think of Danny Bossa and his hysterical followers.


What do you run your E2 normally at? Or you just go by feels and don’t pay much attention to bloodwork?

Ive often thought of sprinkling in a little mast, to see if this helps TRT (sexually)… but then thats my problem, wanting to try things. Which normally means changing things every 3/4 weeks and wondering why I am not having the effect I want