Programming Growth Factor and Layers

Hi Christian,

Hi Christian,

Long time lurker and a big fan of your work. I’ve been lifting for three years using a variety of traditional power-building templates, but since applying some of your training principles at the end of last year I’ve been making better progress than ever. Thank you for all the great content you put out!
I’ve been training with the layers principles since January. I’m coming to the end of my third cycle at the moment, and my split looks like this:

Day 1
Bench layers
face pulls, laterals

Day 2
High pulls
a couple sets of back/biceps

Day 3
Push press layers
face pulls, laterals

Day 4
High pulls layers
a couple sets of back work/biceps

Day 5
Incline bench layers
face pulls, laterals
a couple sets of beach work for triceps

Day 6
High pulls
back work

Day 7
Neural charge workout

On this split I’ve gained nearly 20 pounds (173 on January 1st to 192 right now; I’m 5’7, 15% body fat). My strength gains have also been pretty steady, especially with push press. My question is how I might best incorporate growth factor for shoulders into my next training cycle. I was thinking of skipping out on the incline layers and substituting the growth factor work on that day, but maybe beginning the workout with a few cluster sets of incline to activate mTOR. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to incorporate growth factor into the program. Thanks!