Preventing Hairloss

I’ve been using 1mg of finasteride to preserve what I have and prevent any hairloss for over 3 yrs. Finasteride is known to cause side effects such as abnormality in the genital area for some males. In my case, On a regular check up at the docter, the docter discovered a veiny consistency on my right testicle, similar to spider veins that form on the legs. It’s actually very common in males but sometimes, in the long run, can cuse difficulty having children. It can be fixed with some simple surgery. But I wanted to prevent this by choosing a more natural product to prevent and preserve hair loss. I was thinking of using a product called PROCERIN. Anyone use or heard of this stuff? It supposedly has an 88% success rate but wanted to know if anyone out there has any comments or suggestions on this product or any other product. Thanks

Can anyone help me out here? I know many of you use some form of hair loss prevention supplement or medication!

Check out the recent thread in the Off Topic forum called Male Pattern Baldness.