Pretty Sure I'm Still a Noob

[quote]Moe Doobie wrote:
You can do 5 sets of 5 pullups? that’s not bad. maybe just give up on squat and deadlifting for a bit and find exercises that are working better for u. once u start making progress, slowly work them back into your routine. focusing on geting all three up at once might just be too much.

yer op dont do this.

[quote]RDeschain wrote:
I am now read for a serious bulk phase. I intend to do a clean bulk consuming about 4000 super clean calories per day. Roughly 225 - 250 grams of protein and approx 150- 200 grams of carbs, half of which will be taken post workout.[/quote]

Well if you want to get 4000 calories and you plan on eating 250g protein, and 200 grams of carbs, that will mean you need to eat 245g of fat.

I hope you enjoy the trotts!

[quote]RDeschain wrote:
…I’ve been “training” on and off for years now…
There’s your problem. No program on earth will help if you’re not serious.

not being rude, but i think your just being a pussy. squats and deadlifts are hard thats why your numbers are low. go and train with someone stronger than you. i bet your numbers increase straight away, and by quite a biy