Have a female friend taking this. It was prescribed by a medical doctor. I have read somewheres that this type of anabolic had some bad side effects. Anyone help out? She offered me some but I is too scared to try it.She has a medical condition. Any assistance would be appreciated. thanks


They prescribed me this stuff when i had poison ivy really bad when i was like 10. I think its an anti-inflammatory type corticosteroid. They use it to treat skin conditions, allergies, arthritis and stuff like that. I belive this stuff is anything but anabolic, and can lead to weakness/joint pain/puffyness and generally will make you look and feel like shit.

I hope this question is actually some kind of a twisted joke. If it isnt, don’t take this crap though, unless you’ve got a mean case of psoriasis or something you want to treat.

Actually, “Prednisone” is a CATABOLIC steroid. I had to take it to treat a serious acute asthmatic condition in my lungs when I was a teenager.

Sorry to be so blunt BlkDimon,but you have a lot of reading/research to do before you go putting anything into your body.

You guys will like this story:

I had to take a course of Prednisone (and antibiotics) for a deadly case of bronchitis I had while I was dieting for the Novice Michigan contest!! I knew that its catabolic, so I was thinking…what kinda loser am I?! Dieting, major cardio, and catabolic steroids! Anyway, the tren, whinny, d-bol, and test must have minimized the catabolic effect as I think I actually was gaining muscle while on the treatment. TenMan

Tenman,Did’nt you have a problem holding water while on the Prednisone?

Yep, held a lot of water and lost any definition that I had. Fortunately, I was still about six (6) weeks out, so it cleared well before contest time.

Prednisone is notorious for muscle wasting, and redistributing your fat stores to yor neck and abdomen, giving you a “buffalo hump” and a gut. Don’t even touch it.