Pregnenalone 10mg daily?

Ok , so was able to talk to my ARNP today briefly. TRT has been a very decent experience but with it has come some side effects. I have gone through the wringer to find a protocol im happy with and feel good on. 10mg daily Test Cypionate. Problem is , my sleep and anxiety have gone to shit. Did not have this issue prior to TRT. After speaking with the nurse she stated that she’s had a few patients before who were on TRT without HCG and required 10mg of Pregnenalone daily to feel their best. Any suggestions ? I trust my doc, but ive also been burned from medical people in the past with this hormone stuff. I like to get your guys opinions before starting something that may help, or may make things worse. My anxiety isn’t life crushing by any means, but it’s not fun either. And the sleep is driving me nuts.

Than you again in advance !

The pregnenolone may help via conversion to progesterone and allopregnanolone which have calming and sedative effects. However, you should not be experiencing anxiety and sleep problems on such a low dose.

@kazuya_mishima1 , myself, and one of my RL friends all experienced anxiety and sleep problems on low-moderate doses of cypionate which resolved by switching to enanthate.

Cypionate is formulated with large quantities of an excipient called benzyl benzoate which accelerates the release of testosterone from the oil depot. I believe this causes a massive spike of E2 that is causing the anxiety and insomnia for some folks.

Enanthate dissolves more readily in oil and doesn’t require any solvents. If I were you, I would ask your doctor if you can try it.

Very interesting. I will def bring it up at the next visit ! Yeah I have no idea what’s going on. Part of me also wonders since this started mostly since going to shallow IM injections. Maybe they are more Sub Q and having bad uptake or a huge E2 conversion ? Hard to say, blood work was done yesterday so hoping for answers. Slept literally 3 hours again last night and this is killing me.