Anxiety/Restlessness on TRT

Anybody notice a bit of an uptick in anxiety and restlessness primarily on the sleep department with TRT?

I am on a low dose of 10mg daily shallow IM. It feels lately like I have a ton of restless energy. I have been slacking at going to the gym due to a move and start up again today. Is it possible that could be the culprit? Any advice is appreciated. Going to get labs drawn this week for sure.

yes, above 35mg daily. i highly doubt 10mg is the root cause of your issues, but i’m sure there could be exceptions. i recall watching some TRT doc saying that some men on T benefit from pregnenolone 100mg+magnesium when anxious on TRT. but again, at your dose, i give it a small chance. look for other causes, diet, Thyroid? i’ve been suffering anxiety for decades, although got it under control last 2 years, so i know a thing or 2

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Yeah I am skeptical it’s the TRT either. I can’t really pin point the issue though as life is pretty great right now for me for the most part. I am going to get blood drawn today just to check it out and see if that coudl be a cause. Thank you !

TRT can deplete magnesium and many other vitamins and minerals, especially iron due to the creation of higher hemoglobin levels. In turn this can send some men’s ferritin levels into the floor.

I find TRT depletes my magnesium more than anything, and this has a side effect of dropping my vitamin D levels, because magnesium is required by the enzymes that help absorb and convert vitamin D to its active form in the liver.

This decrease in vitamin D due to the magnesium problem, would also hinder my iron absorption. It’s a domino effect.

I’m so much calmer after 12 days on 600 mg magnesium glycinate! It was only 10 days after starting magnesium supplementation that my vitamin D level started rising above 30.

Twelve days ago, I discovered a magnesium deficiency. I require 600 mg of magnesium with my activity levels while on TRT. If you’re on vitamin D, supplementation, you requirements for magnesium goes up even higher.

Don’t forget to add vitamin K to your vitamin D supplementation.

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I used to be on 7 mg daily cypionate injection protocols that crushed my ferritin levels due to the constantly elevated hormones. It was the main reason why I started iron supplementation, which I no longer require on oral testosterone due to the PK profiles.

It took me years to figure out what was causing my symptoms, a lack of iron due to these daily injection protocols. I finally gave up on injections and went on Jatenzo, no longer needing iron supplements.

I’ve been off iron supplements for 8 weeks and I’ve never felt better!

cool! yeah I do 5k vit D + k2. i do use doctors best mag glycine 200mg/night and some brand of magnesium malate powder, 200mg (elemental, not weight) in the AM. 400 total seems to work, but i might try going higher. recall seeing DeLauer saying he takes 1000mg/day

So my magnesium is normal . I had a Magnesium RBC test done to be sure. I also take nightly epsom salt baths and it really helps calm the muscles down. I used to supplement with Mag Glycinate but didn’t do a heck of a lot for me as I wasn’t deficient ( likely from the epsom salts )

Neither one of those tests is 100% full proof.

I agree, but i get side effects from more magnesium. Im pretty happy with my mag levels, they are on the higher side of normal. RBC magnesium is fairly accurate within reason.

I would check ferritin and iron saturation. It could just be the PK profiles daily protocol are not ideal for you.

Have you tried lowering your dosage?

Im down to 10mg a day. I don’t think it’s my dose. I am wondering about adding Pregnenolone to the mix in a small dose at night. I think it’s possible that it may have dropped significantly since i don’t use HCG or anything to help with the other neuro hormones.

Isn’t Jatenzo very very expensive however ? And does it also stop normal function of gonads ?

Calcium as well may help the situation as well.

Causing low E2 symptoms of anxiety

Doubtful. My e2 usually runs higher that’s why on low dose