Pre-Contest Roids

I have about 7 weeks to a show and have have been advised to take d-bol up to the show and start finaplex and winstrol three weeks out? I have Anabolics 2000 and while I could probably research what’s a legit dose, I’m basically clueless as to what’s normal for pre-contest as this is my first time competing “on”. Any help would be appreciated.

Pretty typical doses – this is not advice but simply reporting – are 4 g/week or more for IFBB pro, 2 g/week for high level NPC, 1 g/week perfectly sufficient for most state and regional contests. This is NOT to imply that a guy who is ready only for a local constest will become a pro by using 4 g/week. Not so. Until one has gotten about as far as one can on 2 g/week, there is no added value to going to 4 grams, and ditto for going to 2 grams if one hasn’t already taken 1 gram about as far as it can go.

Furthermore, using MODERATE insulin and GH will add far more to a gram of androgens than adding another three grams of androgens will, and is safer.

It’s perfectly possible to compete with testosterone as the only androgen – with enough diuretics you can appear as hard with
T as with anything else.

Now, I am not a contest prep guy. I am saying this because I know that T alone has worked as described. However, someone who is a contest prep guy might have a basis for saying, “yeah but so-and-so works a little better, a fine point but one that’s worthwhile.” Certainly however there is no necessity for using any specific steroid for a contest. E.g., it’s not like, if you don’t have Winstrol you can’t win.

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