Prami Not Working - Test Prop/Npp Cycle

[quote]AndyJones1992 wrote:
A couple of things:

You are expecting a dopamine agent to be effective against estrogen when its role in some cycles with decca involed is to help control prolactin.

No mention of an anti estrogen/serm.

The test will be causing the gyno, regardeless of other compounds.

My suggestions:

With any cycle containing test, use nolvadex or anastrozle on cycle. I prefer anastrozle at 0.5eod.

Add in hcg at 250 iu x 2 per week

And finally… DO YOUR RESEARCH[/quote]

Nolvadex (a SERM) should never be thought of as interchangeable to anastrozole (an AI).

AI’s control aromatization, and SERMs prevent the binding of estrogen to the receptors.