🔥 Post Your Hot Takes... Even the Oddly Specific Ones

Have any strong opinions, even about not-so-important, random things? Confess them here.

I’ll start:

:white_check_mark: The number of necklaces a man wears is his douchebag score.

:white_check_mark: People who put their drinks or gym bags on a piece of equipment they’re not using are probably bad at sex.

:white_check_mark: People with lots of bumper stickers are suspect.

:white_check_mark: No one with credit card debt should be allowed to buy truck or car accessories.

:white_check_mark: Lettuce is bullshit.

Well, I feel better. Let’s hear yours.


I’m with you on the lettuce. :+1:

  • People who drive econobox cars like Mario Andretti

  • Craze/FAD diets whether it be keto, carnivore, vegan etc

  • Anybody who labels their job as “Influencer”

  • Young adults and their political, world, socioeconomic opinions


All within the category of “People who need smacked upside the head.”.


Anything played on top 40 radio is inherently garbage.

Blues music is best (fight me bro!).

If you are putting out a worship song it needs to have at least 75 different words.

More research is needed into mushrooms and psychedelics. Looks more and more promising all the time.

Nuclear and hydrogen based energy systems are the way of the future.

If you drive a lifted truck with “truck nuts”, 95% odds you have a micro penis.

  • Teslas cruising in the left lane at speed for battery optimization instead of with the intent to pass or go with the flow of left lane traffic

  • pellet grills, but more specifically the people who use them proudly and especially in casual, neighborhood cook-offs. I get they have their place for convenience but if you’re buying store bought rubs and using an ez bake, you didn’t do anything. Good job watching a timer and using a thermometer.

  • the fact that “standard” shirts are cut like dresses for fat asses now

  • women with equality chips on their shoulder constantly fighting “the patriarchy” instead of just being their very best and enjoying the journey

  • when people smell like curry in a confined or tightly packed space, especially when it’s hot out.


Saying anything played on top 40 radio is inherently garbage is inherently douchey.


Most people that doubt you, can’t help you anyway.


Spaghetti is the dumbest pasta shape. It’s harder to cook, harder to serve, harder to eat, and does a terrible job of absorbing sauce. Macaroni all the way.

I have never eaten the correct number of donuts. After eating a donut, I will either want another or realize that I have already had too many.

If you are at the front of the line on the protected left and wait for it to turn yellow before you go so that no one can go behind you, you should be forced to go to the back of the line.

There should be a weight limit on yoga pants. It should be lower on the ass-crack versions.

Brocolli always smells like rot.

Cilantro tastes like soap and that is why I like it. As a child, I narrowly avoided letting the intrusive voices win and eating dishwasher soap. It smells so good.

When the youth start wearing the same styles that were popular when you were their age, it means that you are old enough that they aren’t worried about being confused with someone from your generation.

People who think that the problem with the world is that people don’t get punched in the face anymore, don’t realize that door swings both ways. They usually imagine they will do a lot more punching, but not more getting punched. Because getting punched in the face sucks.

At least ninety-five percent of all food preparation is just following instructions. If you can’t make your own food in 2023 with the internet, it’s not about skill. You’re just lazy.


I hate my college’s party culture. No I don’t want to go tailgate for 12 hours on a Saturday for a football game



All the people that have ever called me douchebag can now suck it.


Moms that think they can wear their daughters clothes and “are still hot” need to stop that.
And quit drinking. At breakfast.



People who reference top 40 radio. They probably think American Bandstand is still on the air.


I despise small talk of any kind. I’ll sometimes go along in public so it’s not awkward for my wife, but it’s painful. The worst is other parents. Yes our kids are playing together on the playground. That doesn’t mean I want to talk about the weather, their school, sleep patterns or how much you enjoy Bluey. I don’t want your phone number unless my kid wants to hang out with your kid. Leave me alone.

I assure you I’m not a prick :wink:


I was with you on this one until I read the or statement.

Add any gym tights / leggings to this one and I am in full support

In a similar vein, I cannot stand pleasantries, habits, etiquette or other norms that result in inefficiency or actively cause/abet in harm


  1. Not giving honest opinions or using couched language (“bless your heart”)
  2. Pushing alcohol and or food
  3. extravagant events that celebrate life milestones not tied to achievement (birthdays, weddings, baby showers)
  4. Being obligated to support toxic ppl bc THey’Re FAmiLy. My mum is dealing with this rn and I wish she’d just ignore those deadbeats

An unrelated one: travel sucks


I suppose it depends a bit on where you draw the line for it being extravagant, but, excessive extravagance aside, the implication of these types of celebrations is not generally acknowledging achievement. It’s celebrating the good things in life and being happy with other people. I don’t deserve to have lived as long as I have or to have such a wonderful wife and kids. But I’m sure still going to celebrate it when I get the chance. It’s not generally arrogance or vanity to celebrate these things. It’s an expression of gratitude for the great people in my life.


spending 4-5 figures on an article of clothing you will wear for less than 12 hours, spending the equivalent of a month worth of work planning a big party or alternately, dropping 4-5 figures on a wedding planner, 4 figures on plant matter that will just die, hours spent on things like hair and makeup

I don’t think it’s vanity at all. I just think that the weddings many girls dream of is a massive waste of time and money, time and money that could be better spent investing in the future of the union
In the case of extravagant birthdays (e,g, sweet 16), invested in the future of the child