Post Cutting-Up

I wish I never seen that last pic…


Thank you for the support guys.

Thanks for the support everyone

HAHAHAAHAH people getting pissed makes it much funnier!

[quote]Therizza wrote:
Fail troll is fail[/quote]

wow who uses the word “fail” anyways? You dont belong in this forum, you belong in the starcraft/world of warcraft forums.

But yeah i had a lvl 5 troll shaman a long time ago.

The art of trolling sure has died.

looking at this thread made me lol my oatmeal back onto the plate

What the fuck is this?

Why is it when I make an awesome thread that everybody loves in Rate My Physique (link: Forums - T Nation - The World's Trusted Community for Elite Fitness ) it gets immediately moved to Get A Life, but this bullshit stays here forever.

BTW for anyone curious about my progress in that thread, I’m now up to 37lbs, and can do jump squats with a 5lb kong ball in my mouth. HARDCORE MEDIEVAL DINOSAUR.


Keep up the good work brah! And remember: Never give in, never give up, never back down!