Possum stew anyone?

In this weeks LA Dawg Flex mag has us New Zealanders eating possum, yeah and we need special shoes so we don’t fall off the bottom of the earth and live in grass huts (well a friend has a straw bale house, but that doesn’t count). There may be some New Zealanders that eat possum (down in Southland or the West Coast maybe, everyone think “Duelling Banjoes”), but the average person is repulsed at the thought of eating the stuff IT IS ROAD KILL!! Where do they come up with crap like this, it’s like bovine colostrum, I live next to a dairy farm and putting that stuff in my body NO WAY! What are the strangest things you have really consumed to attain The Bod, or improve health? Come on fess up, I bet there are some urine drinkers out there.

I know southland is close to antarctica but we sure don’t eat possum down this way!We tend to eat exotic stuff like lamb and ummm beef!!!

Kiwi, glad to see you were paying attention I meant more inland around Lumsden etc, anyway, you’d eat wild moose as well as mountain oysters and other delicacies?? :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with drinking urine? I hate to lose any extra protein I may have filtered out…

Us Tennesseeans LUV possum! great post-workout meal.

Actually I like to cover the toilet with wrap and catch everything. Take the stool & urine and throw it in a pickle jar. Add lil vinegar and some fresh dill. Bury in back yard for bout 60 days. Em yum. Slice those turds and throw them on hamburgers, makes a nice potatoe salad, or my favorite is to dice it up and mix it with some tuna.

It’s even worse when other people ask if we eat kiwi, or you go to a restaurant in some country and there’s some food on the menu with a “sliced kiwi” garnish. Makes me wince. That’s kiwiFRUIT, you tosser!

I ate some pretty weird stuff in China and Indonesia but not by choice. Scorpions (actually they are quite tasty), snakes (they don’t taste bad but you pick the one that you want cooked from a selection of live ones…natives then drink the blood ugh), live shrimp (they hopped all over the table and it was a free-for-all with chop sticks), fish eyes, white worms, and, unknowingly, dog. My canine friends still smell it on my breath I think. The chinese believe that you are what you eat. The nastiest thing I ever had was…never mind. You might get the wrong idea!