Paul Dillet dumping on stage

Is it really true what TC said in this week’s issue, that Paul Dillet, at one of the Olympias past, due to a diuretic miscalculation, actually, took a steaming DUMP on stage??? Anyone, anyone? Good LORD that’s funny!!!

I believe he threw up…which I assume was also steaming.

Are you sure?! TC refers, in this week’s Atomic Dog, specifically to taking a DUMP onstage . . . .

Anyone? Anyone??

Maybe he was straining his whole body so hard, it just kind of came out. LOL

hahahahharhahrahrhahrahr. You get what’s comin’. Of course, I am sure many a fine deadlifter has crapped his/her singlet/pants on a big pull. this is one of my lifetime goals.

TC? Anyone? Anyone have confirmation of this?

He never took an on stage dump at the Olympia.

Damici, I’m pretty sure it was a, y’know, joke. I mean, think about it. C’mon. (TC, please correct me if I’m wrong.)

No, he sat on lee priest, and when he got onstage, priest fell out of his ass.

No, Paul didn’t take a dump onstage. I was there at the '96 Olympia in Chicago. What he did do was toss his cookies not quote offstage, into a bucket someone offstage was holding out for him. In fact, there were a couple of examples of this. These incidents took place during pre-judging, and Dillett was mixing with the crowd outside the theater doors (the expo was very small) afterwards.

TC tends to pick on Paul Dillet a lot because it’s so easy to. Speaking of Paul Dillet, I heard he’s running an escort service in Las Vegas.

MAN, that would’ve been funny, though, huh?! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

Yeah,it was hilarious when I read it!