Parkinsons and training

I’m new to this so bear with me. Today July 9 and so far only a 23-25 mile road bike ride Of course electronics failed me again lol


I found your log! Can’t wait to see more of your workouts. Keep grinding brother!

Yesterday July 10, tried some bouldering with TBabcock the beast. Later in the day, went to gym and warmed up on stair master. Next was Tabata on the treadmill, 2 rounds with 8 sets of 20/10 work/rest per set. Next was 1 round of tabata on leg extension machine with 55lbs. 4 sets with both legs and 4 sets alternating legs. Next up was 1 round of Tabata on leg press with 280lbs each set was single leg, so 4sets right leg and 4sets left leg. Finished work out with some rotator cuff work.