One More Boring Diet Log...With a Twist!

I have been living in France for about 3 months now, and have about 1 more month before I return to the states. My flight lands December 23 sometime at night. Before I left I was 6â??2 and roughly 190 with 11-12% BF (based on my own guesstimates and caliper readings, and similar pictures of other people training).

However, since Iâ??ve been here, my diet has been less than adequate, my training not quite solid (although consistent!), and my drinking habits highly questionable.

Before I left, I planned on bulking when I returned to the states for a good long time, and this plan is still in place. However, after reevaluating myself and looking in the mirror, I realize Iâ??ve let myself slump a bit. I think I weigh a bit more now, but I am definitely fatter.

So, I decided to do a short one month cut while Iâ??m here before I get back to try and get back to my body composition before I left. I donâ??t want to return and start bulking with a few months of mostly fat gain already under my belt.

I live on a campus a bit outside of Paris, have no access to a fridge, the cafeteria food is suboptimal (really, they serve us the worst cuts of meat, and the only vegetables have loads of butter and other unidentified cooking oils), and not much selection at the local grocery store. My only available supplement is protein powder (limited), that comes from the states and was super expensive to get here.

Anyways, I will be aiming for roughly 2300 calories a day, about 200 grams of protein, 100 grams of fat, and hopefully under 100 grams of carbs, being a FFB and extremely sensitive to anything but vegetables.

Needless to say, those 2300 calories will be made up almost entirely of cans of tuna, protein powder, canned vegetables, almonds, olive oil, and bellpeppers (the only fresh vegetable that stays fresh here).

My training log is quite simple as well, itâ??s the forty day program. Not optimal, but Iâ??m using it because itâ??s short and I donâ??t have lots of time to be in the gym with finals around the corner.

I donâ??t care how many pounds I lose, I just need the caliper readings to go back down. Right now, the three measurement system yields:

Abs: 14
Chest: 3
Legs: 14

And I hope to get them to:

Abs: 10
Chest: 1
Legs: 10

Hereâ??s to hard work.

P.S. Also, one night a week is usually devoted to the campus party where we drink and make out with beautiful French women. Please forgive these dietary transgressions. Itâ??s almost always a Wednesday or Thursday.

I�¢??ve been doing the 40 day program for a while and am on day 17 right now. However below is day 1 and day 17 to show the difference. Only shoulder press has stayed relatively the same, and Glute ham raises have gotten much better. I can do them without much assistance now, although I still just use body until I need no push off help.

So: Day 1:

Front Squat: 135x5, 135x5
GHR: Body x 5, x5
Military Press: 105x5, x 5
Bench Press: 155x5, 155x5
Neutral grip pull up: body +15x5, +10x4
Abs: Deadbug 10x3

And: Day 17 (today)

FS: 175x5, x5
GHR: Body x 5, x5
MP: 115x 4, 115x3 + 110x2
BP: 175 x 5, x 5
NGPU: +25 x 5, x almost 5
Hanging leg raise: 10x3

I also do a bit of cardio (15-20 minutes) afterwards on the rowing machines and try to take walks everyday. Today I skipped both due to class.

Edit: Doing FS 5-6 days a week for the past 3 weeks has been brutal on my knees. I also think I strained my groin about a week ago, but it’s gotten better.

Double Edit: I took a nice 30 minute brisk stroll. It was cold and rainy, like it always is.

Yesterday went well. I ran in the morning for about 20 minutes (with my nose running everywhere due to the French cold), and then took a nice long walk in the afternoon. As usual, the gym was closed for absolutely no reason, so I will have to train tomorrow.

Either way, my eating was as followed.

Meal 1:
Lunch Meat
Olive Oil

Meal 2:
Tuna Steak
Lots of vegetables

Meal 3:
1 scoop protein powder
Green Beans
Olive Oil

Meal 4:

Snack 5:
4 or 5 pieces of Sushi that we got for free.

Total: Roughly 2600 calories

Still well under maintenance, so it will have to do.

Happy thanksgiving to all, I hope everyone enjoys their excessive gorging. I miss it this year.

Today was a good day. Although, No THANKSGIVING!!! I have spent the last 2 hours perusing the internet and T-Nation reading about thanksgiving meals, going crazy, and no holds barred eating extravaganzas. Truthfully, I would trade anything right now to be home, anything.

In the meantime, my workout went as followed:

FS: 175x 5, x5 (better form today)
GHR: body x5, x5
MP: 110x5, x5 (better form)
BP: 180x5, 175x5
NGPU: 25 x 5, 20x 4
Deadbug: 10x3

Eating went well too. Roughly 2300-2400 calories. I donâ??t want to list them since Iâ??m so depressed from lack of thanksgiving.

Iâ??m positive tomorrow I will be looking through the site to read about how much others ate. Enjoy!

P.S. I have the willpower to be strict because I know the Christmas Eve dinner will make up for Thanksgiving as well as for itself.

P.S.S. Oh, and a few hours of strolling through Paris for my NEPA.