Old or new MD6 & yohimbine

Bill, brock or anyone in the know… ive read in old posts that u can intensify md6;s effects yb using some caffeine tabs and some plain ephedrine… but what about adding more yohimbine??? would this help to get rid of more stubborn fat???..i was thinking about adding 5mg with each of my md6 doses…or maybe just the am dose…ive used eph and the no doz with the md6 but id really like to get at the love handle area more… ive also read on the board about how people have used 20-25 mgs of yohimbine on an empty stomach with 200mgs of caffeine before morning cardio to get at that stubborn bodyfat… any t-men or t vixens have any experience with this??? what about topical yohimbine or even a double prong approach using it orally and topically!!!