not flexible enough for full squat

I guess those isos are held in the fully stretched positions for the movements and are they loaded?

Try what they call a functional squat and that will tell you where you have issues along the kinetic chain. Have someone watch you and without any weight, feet shoulder width apart slightly externally rotated perform a squat. If your heals raise off the ground then re perform the maneuver concentrating to keep your heels on the ground. Results:

  1. if your torso flexes forward your hip flexors are tight and overpowering your weak back extensors.(Focus: stretch psoas/strength low back)
  2. if your heels were rasing off the ground you probably have heel cord tightness (Focus: stretch Achilles)
  3. if your knees buckle in (focus: adductors)
  4. if you have loss of balance (focus:improve proprioception/balance)
  5. if you have problems going into a deep squat (focus: strengthening glutes)

This is obviously just a quick scan but helps pick up problems in a squat. Further assessment is definately needed.

Good luck