New to testosterone. Need help

Any ideas why i feel great and unstoppable the day I inject test cyp and crappy the days following? Is this normal? Id love to feel great and horny and all that all the time, but it just seems to be the days i inject.
Follow up question: Wheres the best place to get a good blood draw and reading. Looking for someone that really knows their shit. Im with TRT Nation and theyre about as useful as the dog shit on my shoe. Any suggestions? Im sure my above question will have to do with a lot with bloodwork. Thanks so much for your time guys, its much much appreciated. Im not worthy, im scum, im a nobody

When one starts TRT or change dosages, steady blood levels will be achieved in 4-6 weeks and hormone levels will be in flux until then.

If you feel good the day you inject, and decline thereafter, then you’ll need to inject daily, using 30 gauge insulin syringes of course. I was the same way, injection twice weekly, regardless of hormone levels at the top end of the ranges, I felt bad after 1.5 days.

Bloodwork is a snapshot in time, it doesn’t show you what’s going on under the surface.

Discount Labs.

Defy Medical would be a better fit for you.

Find a local TRT clinic and go through them. It won’t be much more expensive if you factor in labs, supplies, etc. and you will likely get a better duty of care than you would from any telehealth.