New, Having Issues

So I am struggeling to get myself in order, I had my t-levels tested for a few years and the ranged from 320-220. I tried clomid for a month and my number went up but I became an emotional bitch.

I got my first shot of 1cc of test that my urologist wants to do monthly. I felt ok for a few days then worse than ever. 10 days later I think my dick is shrinking, loosing almost half an inch in girth. Also I am having more dreams.

Is the shrinkage perminant? My doctor is 100 years old, but with the medical system I am in it takes months to get anywhere. What is a regiment I should push for, I would like 1cc weekley but not sure where Ill get with this Dr.

Am I reading this correctly, only one injection a month? That’s absurd and it’s malpractice, the doctor hasn’t even cared to read any medical journals regarding how to administer TRT. You need to inject testosterone twice weekly in order to keep your levels stable, the typical half life of testosterone is on average 8 days, so once monthly will put you damn near zero by the end of the month. I think it’s time your 100 year old doctor to retire, he is way out of his prime! Where are all your labs? It’s tough to give advice on protocols without knowing where all you hormones are before you begin treatment, SHBG being the most important. Where are you located?

I have also been prescribed with one T injection a month (sustanon - 250 mg). Despite the fact that I have decided to administer T every 14 days, it was a huge rollercoaster of both T and E2.

I am currently @ first week of novel regimen - 50 mg of testosterone enanthate every 3.5 day and I feel a big difference. Shrinkage is currently non existent.

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