Need some help pls!..

I am gonna purchase some new weights, I work out at home not at the gym, better for me. Anyways, I had the cement ones for a few months, i just started working out just after last christmas for about a solid month, then on and off, so i wouldnt say more then a month, I made fast gains, not large ones cause i was lifting light due to get form and not injure or anything. With the cheap set came a program, the York barbell company free weight program, i never realized it until now that it looks to be a great program for a beginner like me, i will list it right after if you guys can tell me to just add on to my 2 new cast iron weights (standard) and keep that going and add a standard curl bar, or i was also thinking of just buying an olympic set, and an olympic curl bar and olympic dumbells, but man its a little expensive, i live in toronto and i found the best priced place, and it comes out to about 500-600 for everything. Is it worth all that to get an olympic set, or just stick with standard, all im thinking is that an olympic set will last me a good while and i like the way it looks, hehe. But i need your help on this…

If you don't mind me mentioning that free weight program, here it is:

it has 4 courses, so it lets you build your strength etc… i’m just gonna outline it since its a big program, i’ll tell you the first one i’m on in detail, just starting, then the other 3 programs i will just outline…


barbell swing - 2 sets of 12 - to warm you up,

squat - 2 sets of 9,

pullovers - 2 sets of 12,

bench press - 2 sets of 8 ,

military press/ behind neck - 2 sets of 8
rowing motion - 2 sets of 10,

barbell curl - 2 sets of 10,

bent legged dead lift - 2 sets of 7,

sit ups - 2 sets of 10,
leg raise - 3 sets of 10,

You do three workouts a week, and do this course for 9 weeks.

in the next 3 courses they add more exercise, and with the current ones, they make more difficult and add about a set or two more, with more complex exercises such as the skull crusher, bent arm laterals, dip, dumbell curl, alternate dumbell press, upright rowing, bent arm pullover, dumbell press, incline dumbell press, seated military press/behind neck.

I know this is long, but please anyone help me out and tell me what you think of the program, and the purchase of new weights, please read it all, thank you all.

Even if you have to get a part time job for a couple of weeks, save the money and get the olympic set. Your progress is already vastly limited by the amount of those plastic plates you can fit on the bar. The olympics will last forever and there is something a lot more psyching about pumping “iron” then plastic and plaster of paris. In the past i have worked out with sets such as you describe; for the last three years i have used olympic style and could not go back. I am not an expert, just a garage lifter (like you sound like) but i would highly reccomend you get the standard set (300 lbs) a good bench, and VERY IMPORTANT, A POWER RACK. The rack will allow you to bench heavy even without a spotter, squat. (probably do pullups) etc. Good luck, don’t skimp on the quality of the equipment.

I agree with John. Save up your money and go for the Olympic weight set. Many times, you can find a 300lb set for $100-$150. This isn’t a high quality set, but it will last and do what you need it to do!

You may want to check out Ironmind for a good bench. It’s a bit pricey, but it is high quality and will last forever. And if you can, get some vulcan racks or a power rack. Then you’ll be able to do everything you need!

As for that workout program, since you are a beginner it will work for you. After the nine-week program, you may want to start looking into some of the training programs listed on T-mag. Also, go to Ian King's Web site. He has a section on "articles" that he has written. There is a four-part series on how to design your own training program. This is perfect for a beginner and may be better than the York program you got with the weight set.

Since weight training is new to you, you will make progress doing almost anything. But your progress will stop after a while. Then you’ll know it’s time to start making changes. Good luck!

Can I just say how damn lucky you are to have found this website right off the bat! You are really on the right track with the Olympic weights and racks as mentioned and with all of the info available here. Stick with it and you are going to do quite good for yourself. Lots of Luck!!

Not only are you limited in weight due to the size of cement weights, but if you were to switch to standard iron weights, you would probally notice you bar starting to bend at about 180-200 lbs. Get olympic.