Need Help on How to Stop Bloating

Quick profile:

18 years old girl.

Overall I’m slim despite a bit of a belly.

I weightlift (been making a ton of progress at the gym,
especially the past two months)

Been doing a 40/40/20 diet for two months. Lost a slight bit
of fat on hips but nothing significant.

Main Issue: been suffering from bloating for a long time.
Researched tons and trailed and tested a lot of things but still experiencing
constant bloating which can get frustrating to the extent that I (I know, it’s
bad) binge on food.

My goal is to tone up etc but right now I want to just get
rid of my bloating. I’m finding it really hard to deal with so I’ve booked an
appointment with a doctor but in the meantime,** do you guys have any advice?**

keep a food diary, work out the foods you have trouble with, avoid those foods.

It’s a bit of a nightmare to do, but you’ll feel a million times better.

A good place to start is The Elimination Diet. It sucks to do, but makes a big difference.

I experienced something like this 1 month ago. I was bloated too much, I eat clean and healthy food, no processed or junk stuff. I tried to eliminate items from my diet like starch, milk, etc. to check but nothing worked. I even fasted for straight 36 hours with tons of water only but bloating is still there. The issue was just residuals in the intestines that need to be flushed. The cure was raw pink unbleached sea salt. 2tsp of salt in 250ml of warm water and drink it once you wake up before anything, and don’t eat or drink anything except water for next hour then you can go for breakfast. Try to make your food as simple as possible, avoid excess protein and fats. I did this for 4 straight days. I started to flush my guts on second day and by 4th day I’d fully flushed my intestines and bloating had gone. Be ready for water retention as a result of excess sodium intake (it will disappear after 3 or 4 days). You can switch back to your normal diet again once you fully flushed your guts. I recommend you to increase your fiber intake and digestive enzymes to during and after the flushing.

Wish this could help