Need Help On First Real Routine

[quote]secramour1 wrote:
Hey guys, as you can see I’ve been a member on T-Nation for a while now, since 2005 exactly when I was 11.[/quote]
There’s probably an award for this. Like, seriously.

Have you been doing any training at all, even on and off?

[quote]1.) I’m small. 5’7’’ 140 pounds atm. Probably around 16-18% BF
2.) Sorry guys, I know this is a bodybuilding forum but I just want to have a great beach body.
3.) I’m not interested in out lifting everyone in the gym, just looking great and being athletic
4.) I just started college so I don’t really have money for supplements
5.) I don’t care if the routine is 3 or 4 or 7 days a week. I just want to put work in and get results I can be satisfied with by this summer.[/quote]
For training, do either of these for 3 uninterrupted months to build a foundation of muscle and strength, then check progress, re-evaluate, and attack another plan for 3-4 more uninterrupted months. That’ll bring you just about to the end of spring:

For nutrition, keep it simple. Focus on the foods in this article:

There have been tons of threads in the past about eating for muscle on the cheap/while in college. The Search box at the top right of the screen should bring them up. If there’s one supplement to save up and get, make it a workout shake like Surge Recovery.