Need Fat Loss Advice from experts

Hey all, this board is tremendous, you guys seem to know your stuff. Here is my situation:
Over a 15 month period, I lost 70 pounds and 20% bodyfat, I was doing great, now, after losing my job and feeling sorry for myself(I know, stupid) I have gained back alot of weight the past 6 weeks. I have two bottles of T2 and am thinking of stacking with MD6, is that a good idea, I want to go hardcore over the next month and lose the PITY FAT asap. Any advise from you guys will be greatly appreciated and respected.

Yes, you can combine them, but start with low doses of each.

Don’t expect any miracles if your diet isn’t in order. I suggest you read the Diet Manifesto and Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid articles. With that, some good training and the supplementation, you should have positive results.

Sounds like you had great weight loss the first time around - prtty close a pound a week - nearly perfect. What things did you do to make it happen the first time?

Brother Dogg beat me to the punch; supplements can make a tremendous difference, but only if your diet is in order and you train properly for your goals. I know way to many guys who take their morning thermogenics with cola and a donut. Don’t be that guy. Good luck.

Thanks all for the replies, to answer your question on what I did, I reluctantly admit to doing the body for life thru 4 cycles. The first two, I lost 50 lbs and 12% bf, the second two, I just spun my wheels, and maintained. The fifth set of 12 weeks, I put together a hardcore program from articles on this site, I increased my lifting and was way more intense with my cardio, however I cut the cardio time down in terms of days, only 1-2 days a week. The results were 20 more pounds and about 8% bf loss. I never missed one workout, 400+ in a row, I ate 6 times a day and supplemented 2-3 meals with a MRP, the last 12 weeks I did use MD6, I liked it a lot, now I have some T2 and want to get back to where I was and then try biotests new stuff.