Need a diet here

Hey everyone, first time posting so please don’t get mad if I’m breaking some rule here:) Alright heres the deal. I’m 17 years old, I’m just a hair under 6 feet tall and weigh 225 lbs. I’ve been lifting for almost 5 years now and I need a diet to help in getting my body fat percentage down. I’m at around 25% which is just gross haha so if you could I dunno send me a link or just post a diet I can use. I don’t use supplements at the moment… no cash really so please just give me a diet that doesnt include supplements. Thank you all so much if you take the time to respond.

Go to the F.A.Q and read the diet manfesto in there. This gives a breif descriptiuon of most of the more popular diet that people 'round here use. Pick one you like follow the link and give it a bash. While you are at the FAQ get a good program (there are oodles), something like meltdown or renegade training if you want to try something a little different…
The FAQ is under THIS WEEKS ISSUE and at the bottom of the list.
(IMO) A Good diet to start with is “Dont Diet” then shift to “T-Dawg Diet” once you are used to eating clean and the body fast is down around the 15% mark
hope this helps

Read this for the run down on diets:

T-dawg 2.0 seems to be the most popular.

thanks for the help, oh yea, i didnt see that it actually posted so I sorta posted another one haha. sorry everyone