Naposim side effects??

I have been on this cycle for the past 20 days.

-250 sus every third day
-200 deca every third day
-40mg dbol ED(split through out the day)

My question is has anyone ever had these side effects. Tired all day. Shakes (hands only). Breathing problems, as in task that I normally do. I find myself more winded now then what I was 3 weeks ago.
No I am not new at this 6 previous cycles all test and deca. This is my first time using dbol. Which I think is the problem. I am just wondering has anyone ever heard of these side effects. The type of dbol I am using is Naposim. thanks

I have had similar symptoms to what you are describing when I used Dbol. However, I have never used Test or Deca, so that part of the equation is missing. However, I think some will agree w/ me that 40mg of Dbol can be too high for some people. Try lowering the dose to 30mg ed & see what happens. If problem persists then drop it to 20mg ed, and so forth. How has your experience w/ Deca been? Six times seems to indicate good results? How about sides?

are you using an anti-e? potentially a low estrogen problem. especially the fatigue. if your anti-e is overdosed then your “e” may be too low.

Sorry about the delay but I live in Germany so when you are on the computer I am sleeping… anyway… yesterday I broke my hand, so I have to wait 8 weeks until it heals. thanks for the help though
Drago1: I guess I have always been one of those lucky one’s I never have needed any kind of anti-e? I really don’t know why, I have taking as much as 1000mg of test for 8 weeks and never felt the need to use anti-e.
Dubs: My lifting partner have done/ believed in dbol only cycles for years. Until the cycle before this, he tried sus/deca. He loves it also. Just ask a lot of people I think they will tell you the same. As for sides, like I stated before I do not get gyno, from this… BUT my boy he gets gyno just looking at the bottle. Deca Dick, I have had that 1 time, and 1 time only, that happened because my dosage for 8 weeks was around 600-900 a week, with that I stopped my test when i stopped my deca. I think that you should run test for two weeks after your last deca shot. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I paid for it afterwards. PCT handled it all though.

I get the shits from Naps but then again I wasn’t taking them with food.

Just because you don’t get gyno doesn’t mean you don’t suffer from high estrogen while on a cycle.

How is your blood pressure?