My Upper/Lower Routine Ok?

[quote]HugeEuge wrote:
Since November I’ve gained 4 stone but am starting to stagnate now. [/quote]
That’s a ton of steady progress, nice work. But when size gains stagnate, look to your nutrition before looking to your training. So… what, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

Also, your profile lists your height as “6,5” but I’m guessing that’s supposed to be 6 feet 5 inches? If so, understand that really tall guys tend to have different requirements when it comes to exercise selection. Basically, your body doesn’t play by the same rules due to leverage, so certain things (like squatting and deadlifting twice a week) might not be the best call. There have been a few different articles here discussing it.

You’re making it much more complicated than it needs to be. If you’re doing an upper/lower split hitting everything twice a week, you don’t really want or need 2-3 exercises per bodypart per workout.

Generally, the more bodyparts you train each session, the less attention each bodypart can get. This is a key point of the full body vs split debate. In an upper/lower split, 1-2 good exercises per part per workout can be plenty, and it still leaves room for direct/isolation work.

A few upper/lower splits to consider:

[quote]Claudan wrote:

you can thank him yourself [/quote]
Ha, thanks. But to be fair, those routines are designed to hit a bodypart “just” once a week. There’s nothing at all wrong with more frequency, but then those splits may need to be tweaked.