My T/E ratio journey

Hi all I’m writing this not only to get some pointers if I’m wrong but I also want to record my journey so that others can get a bit of insight into the whole issue.

So 6 weeks ago I started having issues with my levels my Old boy stopped working, so got bloods done and my T came back as 2700 and E was 53when I read the report and looked at the charts I panicked I automatically assumed my levels were high dropped my T and started arimidex then 2 weeks ago I done another test this time my bloods came back as T 1300 E 21 now after a lot of research I realised that the charts don’t apply to me and only to people with normal levels and I should have been working on a ratio system. Well it turned out I was barking up the wrong tree my levels were low not high with ratios of 50/1and 61/1 anyway started feeling really crap didn’t want to get out of bed it was that bad then I decided to throw hcg into the mix to get my levels up and restart my little peanuts and this is the results so far this is still ongoing and I will update you as I go

My routine is currently 250 ui e3d

Day 1 symptoms of feeling crap started to settle after around 6 hours by the following day I actually felt normal again well as close to it as you can expect.

Day 4 (second jab) same again after about 6 hours I started getting random boners but unfortunately he still doesn’t want to show up to the party yet ! Also I was very emotional all evening too emotional even for me so I went to bed early then this morning I felt fine again and I didn’t wake up with a soaking wet back for a change.

My next jab is on Sunday so I will let you know what the results are monday or Tuesday depending on how it goes. :+1:

Your prob getting in your own head. Don’t panic.
My observations:
Your taking too much test for TRT.
E follows T so you expect your E to be elevated when your test numbers are double the high end of “normal”.
When are you getting bloods drawn in relation to your shots?
What kind of test are you taking?

Believe it or not I found out from the bloods that I’m highly sensitive to it I was injecting 0.4ml split so I was doing 0.2 e4d on the lower dose dropped to 0.3ml since then trying to get it down below 1000 but I’m holding at the current dose because I want to concentrate on e2 which will make it more difficult if I keep altering the T on the higher bloods I was pinning 150mg e5d it’s test 300 so that’s 90 per week the blood test is specifically for men I assume it’s sensitive to e2

Your maths is your problem.

If you were pinning 150mg e5d then you were getting 210mg per week - whether it is test 300 is irrelevant.

.4ml of test 300 is 120mg. If you were doing that e4d then you were getting 210mg per week.

If you were doing .2 e4d then it was 105mg per week.

At .3ml twice a week is 180mg per week.

Each ml of your test is 30mg.

Ya folla?


I meant 0.3 split so I am doing two shots of 0.15 e4d which is 90 e8d sorry in my head I’m calling it a week I was on 0.4 split so 0.2 e4d is 120mg e8d or 105mg e7d

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